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Solve AIPMT 2015 sample Paper to get high score

by Chandan (writer), Delhi, February 19, 2015

AIPMT 2015, a national level examination is conducted by CBSE for the admission in various medical and dental courses. Students who wants to crack this exam should know the complete details about the

AIPMT 2015 is a national level examination. According to AIPTM 2015 notice, exam will be conducted on 3rd May 2015 for the admission in various medical and dental courses. Students who wants to crack this exam should know the complete details about the examination like-exam pattern, marking system, type of questions, and should regularly practice sample question paper. This article will brief the details about how to prepare for the exam and how to get AIMPT 2015 sample papers.

Importance Of Studying Samples Papers: Sample papers are best source to understand about the exam pattern. By practicing, more and more samples papers,candidates can become aware about question types, sections in exam , marking scheme and other details of exam. Apart from this,when candidates study AIPTM 2015 samples papers they also come to know about the weightage of different subjects. With all this information,

candidates can plan their studies to crack the exam.

How To Get AIPMT 2015 Sample Papers

AIPMT 2015 sample papers are available online as well offline. Candidates who are really passionate, to crack the exam, should practice both online and offline sample papers. Candidates can get online sample papers for free on official website of CBSE i.e. For offline sample papers, candidates can purchase it from any dealer.

Important Tips:

To prepare,candidate should start practicing offline AIMPT 2015 sample papers, as there is no time boundation, and candidates can utilize the time to understand examination pattern and question papers. When exam pattern is clear then candidate should move to online sample papers. Practicing online paper helps in increasing speed and also helps in working under pressure situation.

Exam Preparation Strategy: Candidates sitting for AIPMT 2015, should know their strengths and weaknesses to prepare for any test. This is important because, one can create plans to turn his/her weakness into their strength. Candidates should plan their preparation for AIPMT 2015 examination. It is rightly said that by a poet that “the one who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Plan your study on weekly basis, and assign important chapters to study every week that will help in completing the syllabus of AIPMT 2015 exam on time. Candidates should know the syllabus of AIMPT and important chapters to read. Bellow is the details of AIPMT 2015 syllabus,exam patterns and some important chapters.

AIPMT 2015 Exam Pattern

1. AIPMT 2015 exam consists of total 180 questions from Physics,Chemistry,Biology.

2. Questions will be multiple choice/objective type.

3. For each correct answer, 4 marks will be given and 1 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer marked.

Important Topic Of Physics: Candidates should go through these important topics ,of physics to prepare for AIMPT 2015

1.Scope of physics, physical law, units and measurements,SI and fundamental units.physical dimensional and quantities.

Topics of Chemistry

Chemical combination law,abstraction of atoms,molar masses,chemical composition and reaction.

Topics of Biology

Diversity and biodiversity,types of domain life,systematic and taxonomy,binomial theory,tools and types of taxonomy.

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