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Must Know Facts About Shipping Containers for Building Purp

by DianaSmith (writer), Melbourne, VIC, February 14, 2015

shipping containers

Things to know about shipping containers and its alternative usage

One of the most unique and interesting new ways to shape up your home or get one for cheap is to simply refurbish an old container. You can get them relatively cheap and they can provide you with all the resources that you need to build anything you want. What makes shipping containers interesting today is that they are a cheap and easily available resource that you can use to not only make yourself a home but also expand already existing homes and create all kinds of interesting spaces. The cheap price of shipping container combined with their good thermal and sound isolation capabilities makes them a prime resource in building industry.

Reasons to Use Containers

Shipping containers are being used more and more in modern day architecture. The term “Container Architecture” reflects that perfectly, as these containers can be used to build a whole range of spaces that you may need. They are all made of high quality steel which enables them to withstand massive pressures and can be easily stacked up on top of the other. At the same time most of them comes with protective coating that will keep them rust free and while these should be redone as soon as possible, you can be sure that your container won’t fall apart any time soon. What makes cargo containers also interesting are the different types of containers that you can use to fill almost any type of building need that you have. Some will even come with temperature regulation and most of them are watertight.

How to Get a Container

With all this said, you are probably asking yourself, where one actually finds a shipping container. It’s simple, shipping containers can be found basically everywhere. You can acquire one online just by visiting some of the many stores that offer shipping containers. Average container prices range from 1900$ to several thousands and you can be sure that you will find something that you like. At the same time you can also visit some of the shipyards if you have one close to you and ask around for any empty containers they have lying around. Most of the containers that you can buy are perfectly fine, the reason why they are not used is because it is simply cheaper to build a new one in countries with which US trades with, than to ship an empty container back to the country of origin. You can often get these cheaper and the only problem that you may run into is actually shipping them to your home. This is why it’s often better to buy them at the dealer or online as shipping is usually calculated into the price.

Types of Containers

You can get different types of shipping containers as well. Two most common choices that you will get to choose from are the 20' length and the 40' length containers. They are all 8' wide and usually 8.5' tall. Some of them may come with “insulated” tag which means that they already have some isolation but at the same time they can often cost a lot more money.

Things to Make of Them

Shipping container homes and shelters are extremely popular today and places like All Shelter for example, offer great prices. People have made all sorts of stuff using shipping containers. For examples, there have been whole ranges of student housing facilities made from these. Very cool shops and stores have been made using the containers. Not to mention all those fishing houses and weekend homes. They are so versatile that it is hard to predict what can be made from them. Just think of them as of Legos for grownups and the building and housing ideas will start swarming in your mind.

All in all, shipping containers are a great way to build homes, portable building, house trailers for cheap. With little isolation and effort you can get the home of your dreams for a lot less money than you would usually spend on your home. Their sturdy construction and steel frames mean that they can be used building materials for anything from pool to disaster shelters.

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