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Weird 2. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, February 14, 2015

Fiction tries in vain to outrun, outdo, head shaking fact!


Cashed my torn $20. Yum. Made myself a toasted cheese sandwich. Settled down to watch the fact- stranger- than- fiction news.

Where the obscenity of outrage gets into bed with blatant crass. Politician uses health funds of which he is privy to,to gain a healthy erection via a brothel workout. Sort of like ordinary gymnastics with a personal trainer on tug...sorry, tap.

Gets caught. Stiff for the second time? Faces jail term. Avoids jail, receives $25,000 fine. Plus i guess the cost of his shifty lawyer. Has the temerity to rock up to court to ask the judge if he could pay the fine back in $50 payments: stating he's not flush with money. Flash with other people's money but a bit short retribution wise. Judge reminds him he narrowly avoided jail and to make other arrangements. Don't get me wrong, when a silly Billy listens exclusively to his willy which seems to be a common problem, then seems quite a few pollie's not only listen to it but seem up to a vote and make decisions with it? I mean how many times when you're watching a political debate gone sour to the detriment of the downtrodden disgusted have you turned to someone and said,"that's a prick of a decision!" More often than not a complete and utter ballsup.

Another ballsup. Ukraine ceasefire agreement...then they ark up again.

My son rings. Tops up his car which is boiled dry,with cold water. Noises emanating. From his father and the car. He's wonderful at sport though.

Turned over to the ubiquitous English valuer site channel whereupon people bring in their antique goods to get an appraisal. Lovely blonde rocks up with a blue centrepiece beautifully cut old diamond ring with side diamond clusters brought by her husband.

She smiles demurely when told it is worth twenty thousand pound. Tell me something ladies, would you wear that ring around? Some of these family heirloom hand-me-down values are unbelievable. I pick up a car magazine during a commercial . A guy with obvious millions buys an Aussie muscle car classic A9X Torana for $60,000 with 205 klms on the clock. Collector rocks up offers him $350,000 and is told it's not for sale. While i'm on the subject has anyone got an original Shelby Cobra of racing vintage that's blocking the garage up and creating nothing but nuisance value? For free? In return i'll pay half the import costs. And clean your garage out.

You can leave a message on my answering machine. Serious, do you people daydream of something you'd really like but unlikely to ever own? If money is the root of all evil how come there's so many people getting around looking absolutely rooted because of the lack of it? Had an argument with a guy for non payment of mechanical stuff i sold him. Didn't know at the time he was on ice which doesn't have the brainical propensity to instill payback. Heavy smoker, drinker. Forty one. His dad a diabetic, both legs amputated, died relatively young. Doctor said i probably saved his son's life by giving him a blood pressure tablet when he collapsed.

Just learned the guy has been given 6 months to live. So i'm not going to hassle him, they've sent him home to his estranged wife and kids. Puts a lot of things into perspective i guess.

Just hope Indonesia relents on the death penalty. People sending the men hate letters etc. They pair did wrong but think about it. Have you ever been over the limit driving a car? Done dangerous stupid things at some time which in turn could have maimed or killed someone? There seems no limit to the depths some people go to in their distorted rage of justice served. Doesn't it say somewhere we are all sinners?

Not going to watch that American program 'Catfish' again. Sad. Basically about online people misrepresenting their profiles, borrowed faces and bodies, most just searching in desperation for something, anything, to cling to in an effort to stave off loneliness and rejection. The need to be loved. Or maybe loving to be needed? Guess communication technology has reached the electronic stage in a lot of ways by not only reaching out to all, but in doing so creating an overall feeling of urgency,want, something missing you can't put a finger on, especially in the wee hours when even if you're lying next to someone thoughts seem to wander off alone in a quiet place seeking revenge on your indecisive unresolved questions, and you wonder just before those secular personal thoughts are blurred by sleep, what will tomorrow bring? The answers indiscriminately shelved, no particular order of merit- blunted by tiredness.

Me? I make a cheese toasted. Wonder what God's thinking. Wondering if he alone is the only one wanting the best for everyone. Stifled by free will. Will freed can run a convoluted course but that's the way life is...or isn't. Have a great weekend. :>)

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