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Winning the Pyramid Game of Life

by Stephanie Michele (writer), Venice, October 15, 2006


Remember the TV game show, $100,000 Pyramid? On the Pyramid, contestants tried to guess a series of words or phrases, based on descriptions that were given to them. The pyramid of questions was made up of three levels, the easiest level was on the bottom and the most difficult and important level was at the top. Contestants did not win the big prize unless they completed the top level.

I am beginning to realize there is a three-leveled pyramid of tasks we have to complete in order to win in the game of life. The tasks associated with bottom level go something like this, “Brush teeth, take vitamins, get plenty of sleep, work out…” These are things we do to take care of our bodies. Items at this level are easy enough to do and understand why there is a need to do them. On the second level, the series of tasks go something like this, “Read books & news articles, participate in special training seminars & schooling, interact with different types of people…” These are things we do to take care of our minds. This level takes a little more effort but it is always worth the investment when we complete something here. The greatest rewards come from completing the tasks on the top level of the pyramid, the tasks include the following, “love, forgive, heal, have faith…” These are things we do to take care of our spirit. Why is this level so important? Because the mind and body are limited yet the spirit is not. The greatest opportunities for balance, freedom, love, peace and growth happen in the spirit level.

There is always going to be something that our bodies can’t do and our minds can’t understand. You may be able to survive for many years completing body and mind tasks only but you won’t be able to thrive without an awareness of what is happening in your spirit level. People that have experienced healing after hitting bottom know this. They try on their own to come up with all the answers and when they can’t find them, they try to block everything out by avoidance and self medication. When all hope is gone they realize their mind and body has failed them. It is at this point where they have to give their pain and suffering up to God, allowing them to reconnect with their sprit in order for growth and healing to take place. Have you ever heard an alcoholic talk about overcoming their addiction without acknowledging God’s help? I haven’t. The point is life is hard enough already, there is not a chance for success without engaging everything that has been given to us; body, mind and sprit.

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By CDriK on October 17, 2006 at 10:09 am
> the mind is limited yet the spirit is not How do you know that ? IMHO, the mind is limitless. Having faith might seem to help the spirit but it usually hurts the mind. > Have you ever heard an alcoholic talk about overcoming their addiction without acknowledging God’s help? I haven’t It's because of the american society, not faith in god. The alcoholic just recognizes his dependance as a bad thing, a guilt and to be yet more accepted by the society, he claims having faith in god.
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By Stephanie Michele on October 17, 2006 at 11:14 am
TO CDriK -I can only speak from my own experiences and from the experiences of the people I met along my way. I know I don’t know everything. I know I could spend the rest of my life reading every book out there and traveling the globe to meet people from every culture and I still would not know everything. My mind has limits to what it can process and understand. As far as spirit goes, I can only explain this in terms of love. If I love someone and they die my love does not die with them it remains in spirit, I still feel it. I know love can hurt but it is through that hurt where there is the most opportunity to grow, if you can get through it, there is a new found peace on the other side. Again, I can only reference my own experiences. Love and faith have really helped me through my life. Please don't confuse my thoughts as something society is trying to make you believe, I understand that feeling too. I am not trying to sell you something, I am speaking from my heart.
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