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A Wonderful Director at His Best

by A. A. Abrahami (writer), Los Angeles, October 15, 2006


Along with John Waters and Terry Zwigoff, Burton is certainly one of a kind. It hit me yesterday after having watched the ’94 cult classic “Ed Wood” for what must have been my eighteenth or nineteenth time (now that I finally own it, I’m free to watch it whenever I so choose). This man is a genius. I mean, in all honesty, who in their creative mind would have ever attempted a biopic based on the life of the proclaimed worst director of all time? Behold: Burton’s trademark enthusiasm for the freakishly bizarre, intertwined with a stylistic affinity for the dark comedy genre generates somewhat of a twisted amusement felt on behalf of the general audience. This is an exemplary mélange of the seemingly weird and the humor purposely employed to engender spectator partiality with the director’s vision; that is, our, the viewer’s, bias is geared towards the creepy, the deranged, the demented. I love it! We are as equally shocked by some scenes as we are amused by others, but never are we bored. The script is completely engaging from start to finish; each actor captivates the audience via an outstanding performance that’s charismatic, honest, and full of energy and fervor (especially Depp, whose range and creativity is generally overlooked by Hollywood…btw, he should have received the Oscar for this one…I do believe he was nominated, or was that a Golden Globe?...I’ll imdb it later). And last but not least, my favorite lines, most of which are articulated by Bill Murray as the flamboyant Bunny Breckinridge: “How do you do it? How do you get all your friends to get baptized just so you can make a monster movie?” to which Edward D. Wood, Jr. responds “it's not a monster’s a supernatural thriller!”

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