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List of Hen Do Dance Activities

by Jessica Grayson (writer), Scotland, January 17, 2015

The big day is just around the corner; you and your bridesmaid are planning to celebrate the Hen Do and you’re still not sure what to do.

Well, apart from the drunken nights, there are many activities that you can do which will involve fun filled games, along with dancing and drinking.

That hen night or hen weekend will not be complete without the fun and games. As a matter of fact, the activities conducted on hen party can add more fun and laughter to any night. No matter where the celebration will be, there will be something to do that will be perfect for the occasion. And one of the favorite among all is dancing.

Here’s a list of dance activities that you could do to make the night special:

Bollywood Dancing- Learn to dance like a Bollywood diva, move to move, from an expert. And make an impression on your wedding party with the new moves which many haven’t seen before.

Burlesque Party- Learn the art of sexy dirty dancing with your friends and bridesmaid, sounds raunchy? It is: red lighting, feathers, fascinators, black netting, burlesque corset; all add to the charm of this themed party.

Pole Dancing- The first thing that pops into the when the head is strip clubs and indeed you are right. It is a form of dancing associated with night clubs which combines dancing moves and acrobats. It has recently gained popularity as a form of fitness and fun activity.

Movie Music Party- Play the favorite songs of your movie and dance to the tunes with your friends to recreate the childhood or teenage memories.

70’s or 80’s Dance Party- Pick your theme, even 60’s if you’d like, get the costumes for the party and pick your favorite songs from that era, make a list and warm the legs. An classic party venue such as Scottish castles is ideal for hen parties and this adds glitter to party.

Get a Pop Video- Get yourself a video made like a pop star in the 90’s with your girlfriends, all dressed up and dancing. The video will always be with you and remind you of the good times.

There are a lot of other games to enjoy regardless of where the hen night takes place. One just has to see which ones the whole group will enjoy playing. For some games, such as the ones mentioned above, it helps when the participants are already intoxicated. On the flip side, hens that do not drink can still enjoy playing other games.

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