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Madonna To End !?!

by Gad@er (writer), United Kingdom, August 06, 2007


If you go on nothing is going on. The star that begun in the mid 80's is looking as if she is taking some time down. The star's latest album was 'confessions' and the tour album, but now there is nothing going on. We haven't heard of a new album!

Many people gossip'd that 'confessions' was the stars last album and last tour due to her age. Many people though have dissagreed. In 2005 Madonna peformed an 'rebirth' like tour which was fantastic with great remixes. After a succsesful 2 albums later, people have started to talk and apparently it looks like the dream could be over.

Madonna has made over 40 music videos and has even starred in some great movies, but people have now said that her century is over and it's time for her to get real with her age and life.

In 04, many people laughed at Madonna when she teamed up with Ms.Britney Spears, in the no:1 'Me against the music'. Many people took an advantage of this, and they even changed and edited the song (as seen on saying that she is just for the money and glory!

Madonna is still in the press alot and usally hits the magazines. She cares for the unfortanate and innocent which is great, and she is a huge star, who know one really wants to see leave the stage!

Many people are hoping that Madonna returns for a new album and another great smash hit single.

Here's hoping!

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By Kendrick Daye on October 09, 2007 at 12:33 pm
Hey, I know this is gossip, but Madonna IS working on a new album, with Swizz Beats, Akon, Timbaland, Pharrell & Stuart Price.
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