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Application of Oriented Polypropylene Films (OPP)

by Cosmo films Ltd (writer), , January 05, 2015

BOPP Films are films made by “Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene”. These films have fine clarity and are defiant towards UV light.

They have clear surface and have strong resistance towards abrasions and chemicals. The material is scratch resistant & has a substantial acid resistance. The manufacturing of these films engage polypropylene polymer melt long-drawn-out from a machine in particular conditioned temperature & speed setting, and they are concurrently stepped into longitudinal slanting on the stretch, eventually to have appropriate cooling or required heat behavior to get its final shape in the form of a film.

BOPP Film can be characterized as ordinary Bopp films, heat sealing Bopp films, Bopp pearl film, cigarette packaging films, Bopp metalized films, matte films, etc. It is quite a soft packaging material specifically non-toxic, colorless, odorless, tasteless, & has high impact potency, rigidity, tensile strength, good transparency and toughness. After the corona treatment, the BOPP films possess a good printing compliance along with a superb appearance, and, hence, are also used as surface composite films. A thorough perception about the class of the film, on the other hand, is important to be ensured. These films are made either by flat membrane or a tube membrane. The product is not obviously the same. Films manufactured through flat membrane have higher strength than those made through tube membranes.

BOPP Films are soft and are more flexible than the polyester sheets, and there are over 1000 variety of these films. The application of the films are numerous and versatile too.

The various applications of BOPP laminating films are as under:

1. Brochures
2. Textbook Covers
3. Sweet Boxes
4. Leaflets
5. Shopping Bags
6. Cosmetic covers
7. Diaries, etc.

The various features of BOPP films include high tensile strength, enhanced stiffness, and excellent optics and vaporized water barring properties. The films can be co-extruded structures or monolayer, transparent, metalized or even opaque,. Additionally, these films are coated with acrylic & PVDC coatings for improved sealing capability & barrier properties.

Advantages of BOPP films include:

The BOPP films have an ample range of aesthetics & hence it is possible easily to have different looks of these films. The main features and advantages of BOPP lamination films are listed below:

1. BOPP films have density that is nearby 0.90 g & so it helps in providing high yield in equivalent cost as compared to any other film product for e.g. polyester films.

2. A wide variety of these films is effortlessly available. For example - Glossy, Matte, Silky matte, etc.

3. The BOPP films have high flexibility and potency for lamination purposes.

4. They have excellent gloss, good moisture barrier, high transparency, and are chemical resistant.

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