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This is no breeze, it's a hundred degrees!

by Lakwyia (writer), rock hill, sc, August 03, 2007

How many more reruns are we going to have in the news about leaving children in the hot car while going inside public places? C'mon, everyone in the world has heard the usual lines: "I forgot my child was in the car or I did not have a babysitter for the kids so i am going to leave them in the car for hours while i work." Remember, there was a gentleman who got off free because he did not know his child was in the backseat of the car while he worked a 12 hour shift. But the same scenario, a different person about two weeks later had the same story the gentleman had who never went to prison ends up going to prison because she claimed she did not know her child was in the car either. Is this racially motivated or what? Well, that is another story, i suppose but the other day here is another lady who lives in another part of south carolina and what does she do? She goes to work for a nonprofit agency and the sitter for her kids calls off. Instead of not going to work, she takes her two kids to her job, leave them in a sweltering hundred degree car while she goes in for eight hours. What was she thinking? The young lady should have known that those two young kids wasn't going to survive that. They had weak pulses when she checked on them and not anyone there at her job knew nothing. The young mother of four takes these two kids home,bathed and dressed them also. Then she does the unthinkable by putting them in trash bags while they laid in a cabinet under the sink dead. I mean what is going to happen next with dead children, the hot weather and everything else that goes with this? Please for god's sake, if you don't have sitters for your children, just don't go to work. I rather lose my job then my children because you cannot get them back after they are gone forever but a job you can retrieve. Don't leave the children for a second especially in a hot car for this can cost, not just your life permanently, but your children or other beings also.

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By Annonymous on August 17, 2007 at 11:09 pm
I know it is a scary thought to think that we can forget our kids in hot car and say.....'oops' but twice in a short period of time? Ah ya hate to say it but is it legal murder cause too many people been 'forgettin' things lately...
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