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A Closer Look at the New Concept of 3D Printed Dresses

by Albert Smith (writer), , January 02, 2015

The advancements in the field of technology have done many a thing for human civilization. One of the most recent such an advancement, which has taken the world by storm,

The advancements in the field of technology have done many a thing for human civilization. One of the most recent such an advancement, which has taken the world by storm, has been the introduction of 3D printers. Want something? Get it in no time. That’s the motto of these 3D printers. All you have to do is perform the programming in a perfect manner. In fact, the professionals will do this for you. So, you can get even 3D printed houses and other things that look amazingly real. And you can use them just the way you use other things. The only different is that these 3D printers will take much less a time to complete these structures.

Use of 3D Printing across Industries

The printers that allow the creation of 3D products have already been used in a number of industries. For example, 3D printers are quite popular now in architecture. They are used to build affordable houses. Moreover, they are being used for landscaping as well. But there has been a new addition to the use of 3D printed materials. Dresses printed with these printers are becoming extremely popular with every passing day.

Qualities Needed from Any Dress

What does a person purchasing a dress want from it? Just a few simple things that can be described through these questions:

    ·Is the dress a perfect fit?

    ·Is the dress comfortable?

    ·Will the dress look good?

These 3D printed dresses are sure to have positive answers for all these questions. And this is driving the popularity of such dresses on a regular basis.

Original Feel from Plastic Dresses

The 3D printed dresses make use of plastic. And this material is not biodegradable. Hence, they are sure to last for a long time. But while making the plastic dresses from 3D printers, one question surely has haunted the makers of this dress. Will the dress be able to generate a feeling that original dresses do? Won’t it be too stiff? But these dresses have helped them heave a sigh of relief. These dresses ensure that they have several qualities of an original garment. And they even flow like fabric, which gives it a touch of an original garment. Besides, the 3D printed garments are also available in different colors, which make it possible for the owners to flaunt it in various occasions.

Would the Dresses be Comfortable?

Would the 3D printed dresses be comfortable? This was one of the major concerns for the people who were planning to integrate the 3D printing technology to the world of fashion. But the issue has been dealt with prudently. The scanned image of the body of the wearer is used before programming the dress for that specific person. This ensures that this suit is a perfect fit for the person who wears it. This helps to make it a good one for people who want dresses of a high quality within a short time.

The 3D Printed Spider Dress

The world of 3D printed dresses has already moved forward in steady steps. Anouk Wipprecht, a fashiontech designer from The Netherlands, has designed a 3D printed dress. Popular as the robotic spider dress, this garment looks really amazing. Besides, there are two LEDs fitted to the dress, which look like the eyes of the spider. So, the spider dress surely has an amazing resemblance to the eight-legged insect.

The Dress is Reactive!

The amazing appearance is not the only thing about this dress that attracts attention. There’s more to it. The dress has three robotic spider legs on the shoulder of the person wearing the dress. And what makes this garment unique is its ability to react. Yes, you read it right! The spider eyes flash as a form of warning when anyone enters the personal space of the person wearing the dress. The Edison chip of Intel has been used in this dress to make it a reactive one.

The popularity of 3D printed dresses is surely on the rise. And it is taking the fashion industry by storm. They are primarily being used to create designer dresses now. However, as the creation of these dresses does not take a long time, it is sure to become widely used in near future.

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