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What's Going On With Britney Spears?

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, August 02, 2007


2007 has not been a good year for Britney Spears. From her incident with hair clippers to attacking photogs with an umbrella, to even jumping into an ocean wearing only her underwear, only give speculation to her bizarre behavior. To add more fuel to an already raging fire, Spears made a complete mockery of herself during an OK! Magazine photo shoot, by ruining thousands of dollars worth of clothing, going on extensive bathroom breaks, and putting her friends in charge of her makeup instead of the makeup team assigned for the shoot. After all the damage was done, the pop tart walked off the shoot with a loot of clothes by her side. The magazine was not only outraged but also downright embarrassed to ask Spears to do a shoot for her “long- awaited comeback.” The latest escapade to overcome Britney was during an incident outside of a Las Vegas spa on Tuesday. Spears allegedly threw a baby bottle and threatened two photographers after they took pictures of her and her two children, 22-month- old Sean Preston, and 10-month-old Jayden James leaving the spa. She yelled out at Andrew Deetz that she would kill him before engaging in throwing the baby bottle. This is not the first run-in Deetz had with Spears and her entourage. The photographer claims that Spears’ bodyguard beat him a few days before the Las Vegas incident. Deetz is preparing to sue both Spears and her bodyguard, Cesar Julio Camera. Camera could be faced with criminal charges for the confrontation.

There could be a lot of questions floating around about Britney’s spiraling behavior. Some people may imply that she’s on drugs, while others believe it could be post-partum depression after her pregnancy with Jayden James. Bipolar disorder could also be something to consider with Spears. From recent activities that she encountered, one minute she’s happy and the next she’s erratic. Take for instance during her video shoot for her new video. While going through scenes, she was having fun, and then later, she storms off the set in tears. Mind you, the day she was filming her video was also the day she went on the set for the now infamous OK! shoot.

Even though people have several opinions about Britney and already labeled her as crazy, everyone have to realized that she have been through a lot over the past few years. First she endured in a quickie marriage with her friend in Las Vegas before getting involved with Kevin Federline, had two kids in a two year period, filed for divorce after only been married for two years, estranged from her mother, who basically was by her side since she started her career and fired the manager who launched her career. From the incidents she been involved in, there’s a sense that maybe she’s crying out for help. She, like fellow Hollywood starlet that needs help, Lindsay Lohan, probably grew up in the spotlight way too fast without realizing the repercussions they might face in the long run. Although some occurrences displayed were truly horrible, such as having Sean Preston in her lap while driving, or even with the latest scene with threatening the photographer while her children were present, it just shows that Spears needs some sort of guidance in her life. Although she had a short stint in rehab back in February, the stay was not long enough. On Monday, Spears and Federline’s divorce became final, as the two will share joint custody of their two children. Federline has no words for Spears’ latest issues, but he remains focus on shunning his kids from the media spotlight regarding their mother.

There could be more to come from this troubled singer’s life as the day progress, but all joking aside, I hope Spears get the help she needs before she realizes it’s too late.

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