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Who Will Take God To Task

by Frank J Hopkins (writer), New York, August 07, 2007


...We are all responsible.
Each and every one of us...for the things we do and the things we do not.
We are weak and craven and on occasion we manage to reach
the heights of nobility,crawling out from the muck and the mire peeking out our heads like frightened rabbits and we do something or we stop something from happening that should not happen.
We struggle with truths that unsettle us, with questions that shake us to our very foundation...We twist and turn in the prison that night can be hoping for an answer or a way.
We are rotten. We are spoiled and diseased and we deserve our fate precisely because it is our fate - we built it. We killed and maimed and lied...stole and connived until we had built the only fate that we could;the only
conclusion that could be...given the nature of the
human animal;given the depth's of its greed, its hatred's
its ambivalence to anything save itself...and it is ours for better or worse.

And then comes God dressed in garish neon, promising like all whores more than he/she/it will ever deliver.
God for whom many will drop to their knees, learning to live that way and believing they are better off for it.
God for whom many will die and even more will kill for-killing you, or me, my children and possibly your
children.... Relax, this is not about whether God does or does not exist.
I am not endeavoring to prove or disprove his/her/its, I have a much better feat in mind, a purely human feat in mind....I am going to take God to task for indifference and ambivalence to the suffering of those others he/she/it claims to love so.
Nine times out of ten we get the questions wrong: we ask why but not why not often enough. We ask where instead of who or when and when it comes to God we always build in for him/her/it an excuse, a rationale as to why God does not act.
I do not blame God for the state of the world...He/she/it is no more responsible for that then you or I are for the lack of character Paris Hilton has or the lack of common sense George W Bush has. No we are responsible because if you believe God gave to humans unlike angels-free will then that makes us responsible. I do not blame God for lack of love or charity or kindness nor for acts of nature swift and merciless that occur from time to time.
My problem with God is that he/she/it is a poor parent,
an indifferent caretaker, dysfunctional and fair-weather at best.
And no I won't let him/her/it off the hook because of can't always hide behind your son.

The crux of my argument is this: God is not responsible for the things that we do either to ourselves or others but is God not responsible for saving us, for helping us...? I am not talking here about asking God for the winning lottery number or to make the point spread but saving us, to alleviate the desperate misery of those who call upon him/her/it.
Where was God when 32 people died on the Virginia Tech campus-do you not think that as those kids were being killed in Norris Hall they weren't begging for God to save them? Where was God for Jessie Davis and her unborn child -killed by her cop boyfriend and buried in a park in Ohio?
Do you think that before her death became a finality that she was not begging or pleading for God to Save her?
How much misery? How many have to suffer,to live without hope, live in squalor, to be raped and branded like cattle
before God will be moved to action.
How much blood is enough? How many tears must be shed? How much wailing will be allowed before that terrible sound
reaches the gates of Heaven, drowning out the Heavenly choir before God decides to do something before the fact.
Please do not tell me that those 32 students or Jessie Davis "were called home" or that it was"their time"
these are the lies, the built in excuse we use because it allows us to continue to believe in a caring entity that cares for us.

If you truly believe that a God who can create a world in seven days cannot find a humane way to bring back to Heaven those who he/she/it wants home other than through suffering, murder or various forms of unspeakable and
unexplainable butchery than you are crazier than the God you worship... and who but the mad could embrace or
worship a God that would act in such manner.
In the bible there seems to be a criteria for everything save action by God-what is that criteria?
What does it take before the phone is no longer busy and someone finally picks up as the tragedy is occurring.
Let me ask you a question: Why did God want to tempt Adam and Eve in the first place by creating a tree
that they should not eat from? Why couldn't God find Adam and Eve when they hid-did he/she/it not know where they were?
Why is it not possible to know the mind of God? Take your time...I can wait.
When you ask members of the clergy some of these questions they will almost immediately go into some shtick
about "having faith" or "placing one’s trust in God" they never answer the questions and if at the end belief in God is just that then why should it be treated differently than any other belief say like-the world is flat or jumping backwards into a lake will purify you of unclean spirits.
Why do we always excuse god's indifference to suffering as if he/she/it is too busy with more important things-if you are a parent and your child is in pain can there be anything more important?
And for the cleaver ones in the audience who might like to point out that if God has given us free will then aren't we also on the hook for saving ourselves?
My answer is thus-we do not try to control our friends and as parents you allow your children a certain amount of freedom that you believe they can handle but if you see your friend or child about to jump from a height sure to kill or injure him or take an action that might harm themselves or someone else you step in before the harm takes place or sometimes right after-the point being you don't just let it go and clean up the mess afterwards. God seems to always be perpetually late and has so many apologists that his/her/its lateness is always some how turned into a hidden virtue that we as lowly humans simply can't discern now but later when we know God better we will understand-BULLSHIT.

We need to grow up... We need to understand that God like all myths and constructs need to be accepted in order to have power and relevence and like all Gods befre when belief fades as reason dawns those tall tales can be placed in the proper context,can be discarded until a God is merley a fable told by the amused to children befre bed.
God is answerable to someone and that someone is us.
There comes a point in a relationship when you have to admit that it no longer works, that the emotional output is one sided and that promises can only go so far. Please...don't tell me that God is more concerned for our afterlife and soul than with this place and this time and that upon our death if we have all been good little boys and girls we get a nice reward because essentially what you are saying is: I can't worry about raising you right now son but when you are an adult then we will work it out.... Please tell me you don't believe that...please.

We are responsible and when you grow up and learn not to fear the dark, learn that no one save perhaps a small few actually give a damn about you; you begin to accept life as it is-brutal and beautiful...essentially pointless and utterly limited if all you are going to do is fill it up with accessories to keep the shrieking white noise of existence at bay.

When you grow up there comes a time to put away toys and good luck charms and beliefs that only serve to make you afraid... Oh... and if you will allow me I will answer my own question about what the 32 in Norris Hall and Jessie Davis pregnant with child in Ohio were thinking as their death's became a finality....
They were thinking that God is not here today and no doubt they wept and so should you because God is not here and he/she/it will not be here tomorrow or the day after....Let the weeping begin.

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By Annonymous on August 07, 2007 at 06:47 pm
It's better to believe Ephesians 2(10)..because it is true..of you and of everyone who has the courage to accept such a lofty assignment. Because people have not accepted this assignment, the world has suffered. If people would be who God designed them to be, the world would be a much better place.
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By Geddy on August 11, 2007 at 12:15 pm
Battle flags are flown at the feet of a God unkown. No one gets to their heaven without a fight. Neil Peart
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