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On Throwing A Winter BBQ Party

by Kabir (writer), , December 23, 2014

?It might not always be possible to enjoy a large company of families and friends frequently these days, but still a barbeque party, irrespective of the number of people you invite,

It might not always be possible to enjoy a large company of families and friends frequently these days, but still a barbeque party, irrespective of the number of people you invite, can be a rewarding way to spend quality time.For example, think of the celebrations at Bonfire Night when the enjoyment comes in the form of staying around, drinking hot soup and eating hamburgers? You might think that BBQ parties are best reserved for the warm, breezy nights of summer. But if you make a little modification, then even a winter BBQ party can be bliss! So how should you arrange for a winter BBQ? Make sure that you follow the rules of thumbs.

Know What To Wear

First of all, it is imperative for everyone attending the party to dress up warmer than what one would during the spring or summer times. This means, you will need to put on your hats, scarves, gloves, jackets (heavier ones are better), as well as trousers and jeans. However, make sure that the materials of the clothes that you choose to wear, would not catch fire easily.

Check The Weather

Do check the weekly weather forecasts and ensure that there is not going to be a gale on the chosen date. Try not to set the party when the weather is expected to be unfavorable; otherwise the wind might blow out the flame of the grill just when you are going to cook! Also, ensure that you clean the grills beforehand.

Check The Temperature

Just in the way you do it while cooking in summer, it is imperative that you get your foods to the ‘room temperature’ before you put it to the grill. If not, the extremely-cold pieces of steak and similar foods might get very tough when you cook them.


Its normal that you are not going to get too much of natural light while hosting a barbeque party in winter. So you will need to make arrangements for that. Candle lights are a great way to make the atmosphere cosy and well-lit. You can also use big-size lanterns, tiny tea lights and the like to create a different ambience.


Cook Outdoors; Eat Indoor

Using an outdoor BBQ grill to prepare food in the party is surely a great idea. It will also make you feel comfortable. However, if you find that the temperature drops to a considerable extent, then you might think of taking your friends indoors to enjoy the hearty meal.

Think Of What To Cook

No party is complete without a hearty meal. Hence, when you are hosting a party, you will need to think about the menu, as well. While hamburgers, ribs and chicken remain classic favourites, you can bring a twist by adding steaks and sausages, preferably with some extra sauce. Try adding some summertime favourites, as well, including coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans. You can also step beyond the traditional and think of pasta dishes, baked potatoes and winter veggies (preferably cooked up as stew). As for side dish, think of barbequed corn with butter. A punch of run will taste like heaven.


There should be a lot of music playing. You can choose from the numbers suitable for the summertime on the sand. This will bring a jovial atmosphere in the venue. If you are arranging a family party, who will bring along children, then you can think of hiring a bouncy caste for some hours to keep them busy. There are a number of Kent Bouncy Castle Hire agencies who will help you out. And adults, who are willing to brave the cold, can sweat out with a badminton game.

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