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by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 25, 2014

Gong from Jong has Clooney on the warpath by George...........................................................


Very dark humor was Billy colored in this dispirited early macabre movie of a guy with so many demons had he lived in a shoe he would have had to accommodate so many petulant demons of his sole purpose to con, while his drunken soul disintergrates. 'The old woman that lived in a shoe' (nursery rhyme) with so many needy children; her dilemma was a cakewalk compared to the conman Santa and his little upstart no-good helper. Chuck in a little fat hopeless kid yearning to be accepted by Billy and tormenting bullying kids, you are privy to an unusual mix of characters though profane and disheveled your emotions gunshot with 'rude' (for some?) showed a side of true life simile some people i guess would be turned away, upset by.Maybe a subliminal message good has a weird but faintly heroic ending to make you think?

The honesty with which it is portrayed just tugs a little bit in that although Christmas is indeed joy and celebrated as such, it made one think of others in a similar position of spiraling despair. Maybe it's just because i don't think i've ever seen Thorton in a lousy movie where he's not embracing his role to the utmost and so believable. Great actor in my opinion. Hilarious with the scars of truth, despite a roller coaster ride of desperation and in the end a heartened lonely kid matures in understanding the world is a spinning top that sometimes you just have to cling on to with the best grip of yourself you can.

The reason i mention this slightly dated film, though relevant because of its political incorrectness leeway, is because tonight i watched an American piece of breaking news where another great actor i like, George Clooney, was filmed, agitated, disgusted, at not being able to get directors, affiliated film gurus, and agents pertaining to same, to sign a form as a snub to North Korea's muffled shriek at Sony's comedy spoof about the devious plan to rid the world of a little fat kid with a bad haircut and bad attitude to match. Indeed we all have our opinion on 'over the top.' I think very few would protest its release, possibly applaud the incarceration of a little fat bully. Encapsulated that is, behind the bars of the ribald nonsensical?

I can't see any reason why your President and North Korean's larger...sorry...leader, can't get together in popcorn alley in the comfort of laid back companionship and watch the screening of Sony's latest which could become a classic like the 'Blues Brothers,' instead of Jong and his brothers trying to start a blue over smother. I've got an idea. Send a squadron of drones over N.K. to drop copies of the comedy all over the country, renown for its leader's fits, rather than fits of laughter . I'm sure the general population would appreciate a little joke. Maybe the little joke with the swallow nesting on his head would throw non nuclear popcorn at the President and invite him over for brunch?

I mean Americans and Australians bag their own leaders, ie: Tricky Dicky, religious leaders who have disgraced themselves, pollies in Kangaroo land spending health care union money on prostitutes. Loosen up i say. I never trust a guy with a Nuclear haircut. Seriously. I never trust a guy who can't laugh at himself, i wonder if he's ticklish? I know he's got a funny bone. Just seems reluctant to fetch it. Wouldn't it be great if he wasn't such a "stick-in-the-mad?" Maybe he should try a bit of 'stand up' instead of 'stand over?' Surely he's got a sense of humor. I bet if you showed him the right comedy he'd welcome you with open arms...armament? Surely he must giggle in his dreams and fall out of his bunk bed missile some mornings? Just needs the right one liner to trigger a friendly wave...of the trigger. Can you imagine the 'release' headlines? "Sony stirs Korean sonny into third world war. Gong from Jong!"

'Bad Santa' if you want a laugh...but not for young kids or Jong. Have a great time at the movies. :>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on December 25, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Have not seen Bad Santa, but I do agree with you that Billy BobThorton is an amazing actor...Just watched a movie last week that he won best actor for. You should check it out if you have not seen is called Monsters Ball....

This whole Sony fiasco is utter insanity. They are now rethinking it and I have heard it is being release through UTube, and On Demand. Who knows...but if we let them tell us what we can and can not wtach, somewhere democracy is failing....Merry Xmas my dear friend...Surely this new Year will bring better times...:)

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By riginal on December 26, 2014 at 09:10 am

Monster Ball was great girl. And don't call me surely!:>) I'm positive this is a dream world and better times abound rather than we are sometimes bound in stuff here. I could be wrong. Maybe dreams and nightmares gallop in unison and we constantly change saddles involuntarily with imperceptible warning sighs? Cheers. :>)

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