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An Overview of Commercial Garage Insurance

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It’s important for commercial garage owners to learn all about commercial garage insurance as it is mandatory by law and it can safeguard the interest of your business.

Most car dealership owners insure their cars. Such insurance is necessary for protection from theft or damage. However, car insurance is like general contractor liability insurance. Initial payment is required with both of these expensive forms of insurance. Car dealerships don’t need to restrict themselves to this type of high priced insurance, however. Instead, they can consider getting commercial garage liability insurance for their cars. This insurance is a necessity for professionals who deal with other people’s cars in any way.

Commercial garage insurance applies not only to cars, but also to other garage contents such as equipment and even the garage building itself. The liability of the insurer applies to all of these elements of a garage. This is important for a garage owner as it protects them from an insurance claim on the customer’s automobile. This is the reason why garage owners, car dealers and car service station owners take out garage insurance.

The general liability commercial garage insurance provides protection to garage owners from different types of claims. These include property damage, bodily injury and personal injury arising from business operations. You can get general liability insurance for standalone coverage or otherwise.

If you are a small business owner or a contractor, general liability insurance is essential for protecting your livelihood. Any accident can happen unannounced resulting in a lawsuit that could prove costly, to say the least. With a general liability insurance backing you, it will be easy to protect yourself against this situation.

Limitations on commercial garage insurance

The general liability insurance offered on a commercial garage is subject to some limitations. It doesn’t cover liabilities that cannot be established as directly related to a garage or vehicle. This means that there will be many vehicles that will not be covered by the insurance. If you want to purchase this insurance, then whether or not the cars will be covered will be your decision. Moreover, automobile dealers also need to decide on their coverage limit, which is not always easy. The way out of this mess is to find a comprehensive garage insurance provider that offers lucrative terms for its policy.

Some important features of the policies that an insurer for garage insurance provides includes specialized insurance planning for companies that carry automobiles, specialized coverage for small to medium auto and truck dealerships including non-franchised dealerships, and sufficient liability limits to cover the expenses of any accident. Some insurers offer a wide range of insurance policies to fulfill the varying needs of different garage owners.

In order to take out the best insurance policy for your needs, you need to get in touch with an insurance provider that takes into consideration your business type, size and scope. You can find such a provider by using any popular web search engine. Look for commercial garage insurance that offers the most flexible and comprehensive coverage. Do not rush into taking any policy as that is what many insurance agents try with their hard sell tactics and they do not have your best interests in mind.

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