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Top 5 Children’s Photography Tips

by Kea Jones (writer), , December 19, 2014

Don’t capture fake smiles, don’t force kids to say ‘cheese!’ instead, try these cool children photography tips for capturing innovative portraits.

Most photographers believe that photographing children can be quite difficult. But any good child photographer in Fox Cities or other regions would know that photographing children is an adventure, an art, which can be best practiced when the kids are giving genuine expressions, are naturally happy and interested in the whole process. In fact, with thoughtfulness and innovative styles, you can create child portraits and photographs that will be worth treasuring. Check out these 5 children photography tips to capture kids with ease.

Catch them in action

Photographing kids is all about documenting their progress, showcasing their innocence. And one of the best ways to do so is to catch them in action. Events, such as a child playing a game, giving a speech, participating in a play are the days that parents must consider capturing. They can invite a professional child photographer in Fox Cities to immortalize the event through photographs. Make sure that the background is focused and a series of shots are taken to ensure sharpness and depth.

Candid Shots

Children, particularly those below 5 years have something naturally photogenic about themselves. That’s why you don’t need to worry about creating a scenario or establishing a background for them when you can capture them candidly. Give the child an opportunity to pose. It can be anywhere from indoors to swimming pools, gardens or parks to the bathroom. Something as simple as a bubble bath can be a beautiful subject for capturing a child’s portrait.

Remove the word ‘Cheese’

It’s time you strike off ‘cheese’ from your photography vocabulary. There’s no fun in capturing a child who simply passes a fake smile and the word ‘cheese’ is said. If you want to take timeless images of your kids, hire a photographer in Fox Cities and ask her or him to capture kids in their normal environment. Normalcy will ensure that kids are responding authentically. You can have two kids in a single photo if you want to capture sibling love, rivalry or fun time. If the settings are new, give kids the opportunity to explore. This will help you capture photographs with a narrative.

Capture their innocence

Capture their Innocence

Childhood and innocence are linked together. So, why not take pictures that depicts the innocence of your child? Capture their innocence by choosing a shallow depth of field and focusing mainly on the child’s expression. To add innocence to the image, make sure that the photographer has a rapport with the child. Ask children different questions or do something that makes them thoughtful and curious to capture candid expressions.

Holiday Photos

Always take holiday photos of kids. Since children are all dressed up for major holidays, like Christmas and Halloween, you can capture them looking dapper and shiny. Use a fun background, keep focus on the child’s entire body and look for a background that reflects the holiday a child is celebrating.

Use these tips to create eternally beautiful portraits of children.

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