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Benefits of Social Media Promotion for Sports Teams

by Dan Radak (writer), , December 19, 2014

Social Media

Thanks to the combination of the Internet features and social media, sports that used to be continent-localized now become popular on the global level.

People (mostly men) adore spending hours and hours talking about their favorite sports, teams and sportspeople, trying to verbally defeat their friends or acquaintances through better or more convincing arguments.It is not too often a case that any of them has actually ever tried training any sport, but they are usually purely theoretical sport know-alls. Today, when almost everybody owns a computer and (literally everybody) has profiles in social media, those participants in sports discussions do not have to go to the local pub, but everything can be done either on forums or on social media. Also, they can share latest materials or highlights almost in real time. Owners of sports teams and sports PRs in general are well aware of this fact. As a result of that, sports are among the most popular topics in social media.

Live coverage, live discussions

When it comes to live games, television is still media No. 1 in terms of coverage. This system has been here for more than fifty years and they can support the infrastructure necessary for live games. However, with the development of fast Internet, many televisions sell rights to live games to specialized Internet sites. Then users who do not have a cable TV or do not want to pay to watch a game via a TV-channel pay a single amount of money to watch a live stream on an Internet site.

Since everything is happening in the virtual space, people can post comments as things are happening and connect sports events with social media. YouTube is one of the most important channels for posting highlights of many sporting events. Those clips are then shared via social media, which leads to unbelievable opportunities for discussions of fans and promotion of sports.

News superflow and high incomes

Thanks to the nature of social media, news about sporting events and sportspeople spread incredibly fast on the Internet. The most popular sports are becoming even more interesting and people get to follow them more than ever before. In such a constellation, the financial and marketing potential of sports stars is rising to unimaginable heights. Many clubs have outgrown the sport context and have become real business brands. Also, fan pages of sports teams and their biggest stars attract millions of social media users to share them and like them. Such traffic through social media boosts the popularity of teams and sports in general so much that the amounts of money sports stars earn today are higher than the sums earned by actors or music stars.

Global presence

Over the last few years, soccer has grown to be one of the most popular sports in Asia. If we know that Asian market is one of the fastest growing ones in terms of the Internet, then it is no wonder that more and more European teams organize tours throughout this continent.

On the other side of the world, in the US, sportspeople are already viral personalities. For instance, the best basketball professionals are followed so much that is seems as if they are living in a reality show. There is not a single slam dunk that is not stressed out as an incredibly important feature and many NBA teams are earning the largest sums of money in their history.

Sharing discussions, analyses and highlights on sporting events has never been more accessible and done as quickly as it is today. Fans can enjoy sports they like to watch and talk about, while sports teams and sportspeople can rest on the laurels of high financial gains and unparalleled popularity.

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