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Everything that Amateurs Need to Know About Clout Archery

by katiesmith02 (writer), , November 27, 2014

archer shoots at a flag. There are areas around the flag that are marked by a rope with different colors. The areas are scoring zones and shooting near them fetches the archer points.

Archers don’t shoot at the bull’s eyes in Clout archery. They shoot at a flag instead. The flag is placed 180 yards away for men and 140 yards away for women.

If you want to shine as an archer who specializes in shooting long-distance targets, you should opt for Clout archery. There are plenty of advantages that come with specialization in Clout archery.

It'd be difficult to explain them to neophytes. They instead need an overview of Clout archery.

A Short Synopsis of Clout Archery

Don’t worry. We won’t bore you with the history of Clout archery. We’ll try to stay in present. For few references, we may have to go in past but rest assured, those references will be borderline.

Clout archery is a sport of shooting accurately over a distance that’s considerably long. Assuming you are a bloke, you’d have to shoot an object that’s 164 meters away from you.

Isn’t that hard? Yes it is.

But it sharpens your shooting ability. That’s precisely the reason archers in the middle ages started Clout archery; they needed to hone their shooting skill.

The areas around the flag are marked and each area is assigned a certain point value. The areas are called scoring zones. The scoring zones around the flag form a circle. Archers tries to shoot inside the circle and the closer to the flag the arrow hits, the better they score.

When one archer has his turn, he can shoot 36 arrows at the clout. He scores 5 points if he shoots at 18 inches distance from the flag, at three feet distance he gets 4 points, at six feet distance 3 points, at nine feet distance 2 points and at twelve feet distance he gets 1 point. A rope is walked around the flag and marked by different colors. Colors indicate points; gold indicates 5 points, red indicates 4 points, blue 3 points, black 2 points and white 1 point.

The Bow in Clout Archery

Some archers think bow is important in Clout archery. Others dismiss this claim. They all agree that the height and weight of the archer should match the draw weight and draw length of the bow. Bows are of different types; longbow, compound bow, Recurve bow are some of them.

If you are a man with weight ranging between 120 and 150 lbs, the draw weight should be 45-55 lbs. If you weigh between 150 and 180 lbs, draw weight should be 55-65 lbs. If your weight is more than 180 lbs, the draw weight should be 65-75 lbs.

As for the draw length, it entirely depends on ‘Wingspan’. Wingspan refers to the archer’s height. If your height is medium (68”), the draw length should be 26 1/2. If you are really tall (74”), the draw length should be 29 1/2. To see the chart for Wingspan and draw length ratio, click here.

In middle ages, archers used to shoot with longbows. Problem is, there are several types of longbows and they come with different sizes. If you are 5 feet 8 inches tall, it’s better not to use a take-down longbow. Use a hybrid longbow instead so you could grip it firmly.

The myth that longbow is ideal for Clout archery bases itself on the fact that Recurve and compound bows are used primarily to aim at single fixed points; this is not possible when you are targeting a clout.

In fact, Clout shooting with a Compound bow and light carbon arrow results in reduction in effective target area. if you look at the picture below, you'd notice the effective distortion is minimum. It's only 4cm short of the full 120cm height. This is shooting at a fixed point.

Select Your Arrow

Just as we've seen in the previous example, arrows are important just as the bow is, to make sure you are using high-quality arrows, you need to consider the factors that determine an arrow's quality. One of these factors is stiffness of the arrow's shaft. When flying through the air, the arrow is bound to sway due to wind. If the arrow is really stiff, it won't wobble much.

The material that the arrow is made of is of paramount importance in Clout shooting. Arrows are normally made of aluminum, carbon and wood. Indoor arrows are not at all good choice when it comes to Clout shooting. The shaft of the arrow should be heavy and of small diameter. The point of the arrow should be heavy and the fetches should be small.

One highly important thing about Clout shooting arrows is vanes. Arrows with larger vanes are not a good choice for Clout shooting because they may travel faster in the air initially but due to large vanes, they'll eventually slow down and fall at steeper angle.

Other Factors

As you will dig deeper into Clout shooting, you'll explore all the nitty-gritties. Some factors that are pivotal in Clout shooting are the ray of the sun, wind speed, etc. The reason they are more pertinent in Clout shooting is you'd be firing the arrow to the sky. So odds of the arrow getting slow due to wind speed would be high.

Similarly, if the sun rays fall on your face, your vision may get blurred and you may not be able to lob around the arrow properly.

Finally, it won't take much time to get savvy with the technicalities. Constant practice however is the only factor that makes difference. So if you want to be a renowned Clout archer, never stop practicing.

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