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Just One Percent

by Tajammul Kothari (writer), Bahrain, November 24, 2014

Every Individual's Contribution can make this world a better place

A lot of people wonder about the abject poverty surrounding some parts of the world and why some are endowed with extreme good health whilst others are plagued with life threatening illnesses. This leads them to question God’s intentions for this disparity.

But if one looks closely then God in his scheme of things wants the rich to grant some part of his wealth to the underprivileged. He expects every prosperous individual to contribute towards alleviating the miseries of its fellow beings.

Generally speaking, most of mankind do yearn to aid the less fortunate but are either too busy in their own lives or do not look out for opportunities to help. Hence, one lets their good intentions go to waste.

But if every person reflects and recognizes his duties then he will surely go out of the way to make others life better since the internal satisfaction gained will be tremendous.

The simplest way to contribute towards society is to allot just 1 per cent of their monthly income to a good cause or charity. By doing this, one doesn’t need to even break a sweat as nowadays there are numerous charitable foundations that are easily accessible.

Also, one shouldn’t consider that they are parting with a chunk of their monthly income but instead think that they are donating only 1 per cent in a month and that 99 per cent of the income is theirs to spend.

By acting upon this small deed, we all can make a small difference towards the fighting against poverty and ill health.

So, let us join hands together and contribute in whatever small way we can to make lives better for the needy.

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