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Specific Role of Ayurveda in Treating Diabetes

by Marwick Bravo (writer), London, November 24, 2014

There are some food items which do not affect the blood sugar level. These are considered to be both beneficial and in reality helpful for people suffering from type 2 or 1 diabetes.

There are some food items which do not affect the blood sugar level. These are considered to be both beneficial and in reality helpful for people suffering from type 2 or 1 diabetes. A great thing about changing and giving more importance to either fat or protein diet is lowering down the conversion from blood to sugar which clearly signifies that you are still consuming carbohydrates. The number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing and usually most of them depend on either some medications or insulin injections. Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda helps in controlling the level of diabetes in a natural way. Diabetes capsules manufacturers provide herbal remedies in treating diabetes along with helping patients to improve their overall health conditions. These days, there is no need for people to rely on insulin for treating diabetes. There are several side effects of insulin. Instead of using insulin people suffering from diabetes can opt for ayurvedic medicines. These natural medicines are far better than taking insulin injections and the most important benefit is that there is no side effect of them. There are some people who make diabetes powder at home by collecting the below given items which includes fenugreek seeds, few bay leaves, kernels of berries, Belptr leaves.

Individual needs to dry all the above mentioned items and make a powder. Those consuming this powder may find significant improvement in their diabetes report. In ayurvedic literature the medicinal benefits of fenugreek seeds have been illustrated. In recent studies it has been found out that fenugreek seeds relieves the symptoms of diabetes along with suppressing the urinary excretion of sugar. Fenugreek seeds contain an alkaloid and trigonelline which is known to reduce blood sugar levels. There are some people who either consume the seeds of fenugreek by soaking them in the water overnight or by consuming them in the powder form either with buttermilk or water just fifteen minutes before meal. If you want to avoid the bitter taste of fenugreek seeds, then you can include them in food preparations such as rice, chapatti, vegetables or dal.

The intake of fenugreek seeds depends on the severity of diabetes. In Ayurveda turmeric is considered to be an exclusive remedy for treating diabetes. Turmeric effectiveness can be enhanced by consuming them in equal proportions of amla powder. According to recent studies, it has shown that fine powder of turmeric helps in lowering the blood sugar level. One of the essential fruit especially for diabetes patients is Java plum or Jamun. But always remember to consume jamun only after eating food. Diabetes is such a disease which can be aggravated severely by intake of wrong kind of diet. Hence, the cornerstone of managing diabetes is diet planning. People with diabetes must consume vegetables such as string beans, bitter gourd, garlic and onion, fruits such as jambhul, gooseberry, and grapes and grains such as black gram and Bengal gram in their diet. Herbs and raw vegetables plays a crucial role in stimulating the pancreas along with enhancing the production of insulin.

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