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Mamagreen Launches New 2015 Outdoor Furniture Collections

by Sydney Pro (writer), , November 23, 2014

New collections of outdoor furniture have been released by one of the world's fastest growing furniture manufacturers, Mamagreen.

Mamagreen has released it's award winning outdoor furniture range to the public in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Mamagreen is one of the world's fastest growing furniture manufacturers and the new 2015 outdoor furniture range is sure to expand the market for the Indonesian based company.

The new 2015 range by Mamagreen encompasses over 300 items from 19 different collections. This expansive range of furniture and décor allows property owners to enhance an outdoor space with modern designs which are crafted from sustainable materials. Mamagreen has been recognised for designing stylish products that are elegant and functional at the 2014 International Casual Furniture and Accersories Awards in Chicago. Mamagreen was awarded the “Best of Show” as well as the “Design Excellence” award for the new 2015 collections. The Design Excellence award was judged based on the design, as well as the uniqueness, construction and marketability of the products. The furniture designers at Mamagreen have always ensured that elegance and creativity are at the heart of their designs.

The new collections of Mamagreen outdoor furniture have been designed to expand the appeal of the Mamagreen brand. The new ranges continue to use sustainable materials and have been designed following the design principles “creativity and elegance” that has ensured the rapid growth of the Mamagreen brand. Some of the new collections for 2015 include:


The new Twizt is an avant-garde styled range that uses an earthy blend of fine sanded teak with pinstriped sustainable plush materials. The fine sanded teak has been sourced from sustainable forests in Indonesia. The Twizt collection is ultra-modern and is tailored for the high-end design market that desires elegance and a modern edge in their outdoor setting.


The Natun collection is a more casual setting that utilises the lightness of a unique innovative textile that does not get hot in sunlight, and dries quickly. Ideal for poolside settings, the Natun collection brings a playfulness and lighthearted appeal to the Mamagreen range.


The Mono collection has been designed to display a refined elegance with a subtle monochromatic colour palette. The dramatic contrast of the Mono collection allows it to add a powerful stylish appeal to any outdoor setting without being overpowering. The all-weather upholstery ensures that it is durable and stylish, while the powder coated aluminium frame ensures it carries a high-end appeal.

The 2015 collections of Mamagreen outdoor furniture are available throughout Australia through Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture. Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture has a showroom in Lilyfield in the Inner West of Sydney as well as an online store. The rapid growth of Mamagreen has necessitated that Mamagreen move from it's original furniture construction factory to a new factory almost twice the size of it's previous manufacturing facility. Mamagreen is currently distributed throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia at high-end furniture stores.

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