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Know More about Features of Granite Worktops

by Marwick Bravo (writer), London, November 21, 2014

Granite worktops can be grounded roughly into 6 color bases, which starts popularly from black.

For some homeowners selecting a granite dimension or color can be slightly difficult decision. As granite is available in wide range of colors, from blue to dark black to brown and also in reds and greens, you can get confused regarding which color to choose. There is a need to initially analyze the color of the existing cabinets and flooring and later choose a color which will either contrast or compliment with them. In a typical scenario, the designers most commonly recommend opting for dark granite color if the existing cabinets have lighter color cabinets.

Customers can choose lighter color of granite, if they have dark colored cabinets in their kitchen. If you are not sure regarding which color to choose, then the best alternative is opting for classic black granite countertop. This color works well with any style of cabinets or flooring and is always in style. Granite worktops can be grounded roughly into 6 color bases, which starts popularly from black. Black granite color is the most popular choice which comes from South Africa, Australia, and Sweden. The texture in black granite color is provided by the quartz and feldspar mix. Azul or Blue granite color stone is found in Brazil and Spain. A base of blue is augmented with darker streaks of black or gray or by lighter shades of white. Quarried in China, Italy and Brazil, white granite in true sense is not completely white owing to mixture of varying elements. The overall white tone is broken by grey, ivory and black patterns. Italy and Brazil provides the primary stocks of Copper or gold granite stone.

Customers can opt for a unique stone choice by choosing striking metallic flakes with warm tones. The basic red range is mostly quarried in Brazil and China and ranges from dusky rose to lavender with streaks of gray or black. Norwegian green granite tends to include blues, whereas Indian granite has tones of red. If you are looking for a consistent base, then opt for rose, grey and blue shades. There are many suppliers of granite in the UK which stock practically all the colors which are the popular selection of most customers. There are some granite colors which are considered to be unique and striking option for you when you make your decision for transforming your kitchen. You can find reasonable prices for your exotic granite from all over the world.

The suppliers of granite worktops also explain customers with the proper maintenance and care advice tips. After going through such a wide selection of the granite slabs available, one is sure to find the best choice. There are some suppliers of quartz and granite worktops in the UK which still employ meticulous care in installing and fabricating along with offering high quality craftsmanship all at reduced prices for upfront savings on the purchase. The main aim of the granite and quartz suppliers is to provide all the local as well as distinguished customers the best product at the most competitive price in the market.

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