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Know More about Areas of Practice of Family Law Solicitors

by Marwick Bravo (writer), London, November 14, 2014

The Family Law Solicitors Essex specializes in all areas of family law.

The Family Law Solicitors Essex specializes in all areas of family law. When any couple undergoes dissolution and divorce, then it is included often as financial provision and termed as maintenance, property claims, capital and pensions. Most prominently the living and care arrangements for the children of the couple is also considered. Family law solicitors need to have good skilled advice, should be able to represent and guide the couples as there are disputes developing when there is a breakdown in the relationship. At family law solicitors at Essex, they recognize that relationship breakdowns need sympathetic and sensitive handling. From our years of our experience the solicitors understand and appreciate the anxiety, upset, and emotional stress which can be caused due to divorce proceedings. The family law solicitors pride themselves on their constructive approach which is dedicated for securing the couples and their children’s future, in addition, to try and avoid the need for upset and aggressive litigation.

Along with considering the financial needs of the children and spouses, it is necessary also to assess the direct impact of separation. Each and every divorce case is different. Hence, the team of family law solicitors needs to have a strong track record.In most cases, depending on the couple’s needs the financial statement is tailored. There is no compulsion in following a set standard pattern. There are some couples which also agree to pay the capital in installments. An agreement can be reached for redundancy pay, division of a pension, or any property sold in the future. There are many couples who agree for financial settlements to be flexible.

In divorce negotiating on a financial statement is a complex and skilled task. As part of the initial process, it needs frank and full disclosure on the side of both the parties. Apart from considering the short-term and immediate impact of the split, it is also crucial to keep in mind the future needs of both the children and spouses in the longer term future. All the assets and income of both the parties is usually taken into consideration which includes the obvious assets such as trusts, companies, properties, pensions, contents, income distribution from all sources, valuables, and offshore assets.

Sometimes there are situations when the assets are not disclosed or there is reluctance on the part of the couples for the disclosure of the assets as they might be undervalued. At family law solicitors each and every case is handled on its unique merits. The solicitors try hard to avoid a full blown courtroom hearing and resolve the cases by negotiating. The goal of the family law solicitors at Essex is tailor-made, swift and cost-effective solution for the clients. During the first meeting with the family law solicitor there is discussion for saving the marriage and finding reasons for divorce. In case, marriage has to come to an end, then you may be asked to provide information about details of children in the family, date of separation and details about your property and assets.

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