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Café STORY: New Trend of Book Cafés in Kolkata

by Swarit Chatterjee (writer), , November 08, 2014

Credit: Rajarshi Ghosh
Book Cafe in Story Book Store

In Kolkata, a new trend has cropped up of Book Cafes.

A cup of coffee is simply awesome when your are reading. It relaxes your mind and soul which is most essential while reading. To evade your mind from the hustle bustle of the city life helps focus more and to do that a cup of coffee is a must. Gone are the days when people used to go to the bookstores only to read. If they needed to relax their mind with a cup of tea of coffee they had to rely on good old tea stalls. But not today as those stalls have come inside the book stores to minimize the hazard. With this concept now Story the sprawling bookstore has come up with its café.

A mix of fun and relaxation: While providing relaxation during reading the bookstore is striving to create a perfect ambience for reading. Lot of people may come here after a hectic day they prefer to have hot cup of coffee which will surely lessen the tiring effect. Also while reading and having a cup of coffee you can also discuss various points and angles. These debates and discussions while sipping coffee makes the whole environ exciting.

This is the first-of-its-kind Café in the city with the coolest collection of graphic novels, comic books and a well-stocked Penguin books section and board games. What’s more, there are writing pads and pens; sketch pads and pencils, for one to pen down their thoughts or doodle on. Find easels with brushes and colours too. One may even buy a canvas to paint on.

The spread has an interesting mix of salads, pastas, sandwiches, falafels, risottos and more. Plus flavoured sodas, steaming and chilled tea and coffee. Café STORY is undoubtedly a booklover’s paradise. For a leisurely read, musings, sip and gossip, and of course, unlimited entertainment.

Café STORY will act as a stage cum platform wherein people from different spheres shall be encouraged to share their stories.

Café STORY: Story the book store’s cafeteria strengthens the love of books as many have poured to read while having coffee. It also offers music, snacks and lot of other activities while reading and sipping coffee. There are young people who prefer cozy ambience of bookstores rather than heavy partying in night clubs and discotheques. To all, the combination of books and food goes hand in hand. People love to discuss about various genres of books while having food. That’s why Story’s café is a unique offer to the book lovers as it provides maximum space. Also such concept goes well with the Bengali’s love for ‘adda’. Such ventures will bring lot of people together under one roof to catch upon each other’s life. It soothes down to come extent the despair and hopelessness of daily life. Also it is important to unwind away from the bustling and restless life.

Come to the cafeteria of Story and enjoy a perfect reading ambience.

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