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7 Common Household Insects

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Over millions of insects from the insect family there are few that lives in house and cause lots of harm to us. we should know how harmful they are and how necessary for us to get rid of such pests.

Insects aren't something that someone might have heard in the biology class; they are present everywhere around us. Some we can see, some we cannot but they are around. There are over 6 to 10 million species of insects over the world and out of those nearly 1.5 million have been named. And out of those most common insects found in the household are:

7. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be found in almost every home. There over 5000 species of cockroaches and four common species are American, German, Oriental and Asian with different characteristics.

    ·Over 5 million children are sensitive to cockroaches

    ·They can live without food for a month

    ·10% home owners over the world feel that cockroaches are dangerous to their health and effective methods for destruction of cockroaches helps to get rid of this pesky pest.

6. Dust Mites

Dust are microscopic bugs which are invisible to the naked eyes are found mostly on the mattress of the bed, curtains, cushions, sofa fabric and carpets. They find their food source on the dead human flesh.

    ·They do not survive in temperature less than 21 degree Celsius or humidity below 40-50%

    ·They cause severe allergies

    ·They cause sinus and asthma

    ·They could also cause eczema which makes skin dry

5. Termites

They are probably the worst, although they cause more harm to the house than human body. They are over 2,000 species of termites all over the world. They are attracted to wood and wooden related product special where there’s moisture.

    ·They can eat non-stop for 24x7

    ·Termites cause close to 5 billion dollar damage each year out of which 1 billion dollar is cause by Formosan termites

    ·20% home owners agreed upon that termites were their main concern

4. Ants

The tiny little creatures, working in a team to carry that one piece of sugar. They are found mostly in kitchens from where they gather food or they are found in gardens. Out of the 15,000 species on ants 1300 are known, most common is fire ants. They are reddish brown in color and are found mostly in garden or lawns.

    ·Ants can lift weights up to 20 times their own weight

    ·Fire ants sting can cause allergic reaction, red bump and some pain

    ·Fire ants seem to sting at once; they sense the movement and sting when the body is in move. So when one ant stings, a person automatically moves the body and they all start to sting together.

3. Fleas

Fleas are brownish wingless parasites that feed on the flesh and suck the blood out of the mammals. They cause less harm to humans but are pets worst enemies. Domestic pets; both cats and dogs can get affected by fleas and it can cause itchy feeling.

    ·They are flat in shape and can pass through animal hair easily

    ·They can survive without food for over a month

    ·There are 1,830 types of fleas around the world

    ·Give the pet a regular bath to keep them protected

2. Mosquitoes

Person’s worst nightmare, mosquito bite causes itchy red bump. They are known for many serious diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

    ·Itchiness is cause by the mosquitoes saliva

    ·Malaria causes 1,000 death in US each year

    ·They breed in water. So, keeping the water clean in necessary

1. Rodents

After termites, other major concern for most home owners is rodents. Rats and mice both fall under this category.

    ·Average life span of rats are 2-2.5 years

    ·They invade over 21 million homes in US every winter for warmth and food

    ·They can eat almost anything

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