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Getting Gorgeous With Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

by Kabir (writer), , November 17, 2014

This is the time for ‘themed marriage’, where the would-be bride and groom think of a particular wedding style and each aspects of wedding are arranged according to the style of wedding chosen.

This is the time for ‘themed marriage’, where the would-be bride and groom think of a particular wedding style and each aspects of wedding are arranged according to the style of wedding chosen. Purple-themed wedding ceremonies can add a royal flavour to your wedding, even when you are arranging you party on a tight budget. Such a wedding motif might range from being feminine and chic to something classical. Think of adding various tinges of purple on the invitations, as well as on the cakes, flower and the like. As you do, do not forget the bridesmaids’ dresses. Should you want to have an idea on how to pick the finest purple dresses for your best girls, then you will love to go through the following guidelines.

Choosing A Colour

This royal shade comes with a broad and a vibrant spectrum of shades, ranging from deep, “Cadbury’ purple to soft lilacs. Shades of lilac re known to have more violet tinges in them. Other shades of purple might have deep to soft lavender tints, while others are known to have more of bluish undertones. Regardless of the shade you choose, you can be rest assured that they will look unique. You can also consider combing darker and lighter tones of a same shade. You’ll love the effect…

Choosing The Fabric Type

Make sure to decide on the fabric types, as well. Purple dresses look best in Satin, Taffeta and Chiffon.

    ·Satin: Women love it for its silky smooth, yet lustrous surface. Satin fabrics can either come in a ‘double-faced’ version where the sheen is on both sides of the piece, or they can be ‘one-sided’, meaning that it will have a dull surface of one side and shiny surface on the other.

    ·Taffeta: It also looks like satin but, with a crispier feel nevertheless. The satin might be anything from heavyweight to medium and produces a rustling sound, when rubbed together. Taffeta is made from various materials, including rayon, wool, silk and even polyester.

    ·Chiffon: This summertime fabric is very lightweight and complements most body types. You can also use satin linings with chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses.

Choosing A Cut

Allow your girls to choose a dress style that they will be absolutely comfortable with. There are a number of cuts available, but not all of them will flatter every body types. If you want to go for a ‘one-style-suits-all’ solution, then choosing A-line dresses will be a safe bet. Such dresses have a slim fit on the top, fit along the waistline, gradually flaring away from body. It’s a good option to hide away problem areas, such as ‘muffin fats’ and broad hips.

Choosing A Style

It is also important to choose a neckline and length of the dresses. While spaghetti V-neck lines and sweetheart necklines are classic favourites, they can also help create a sweet, innocent appearance. Plus, with purple, you can manage to give the dresses a mysterious feel. Speaking of the height of the dresses, it is absolutely up to you whether you’d like short dresses or long floor length varieties. The trend of this wedding season is, however, knee length dresses.

Choosing Accessories

High heel shoes go great with purple dresses, but choose shoes on the basis of you girls’ comfort level only. Pairing bright shades with purple dresses can lead to a colour-clash, hence try silver. Some fashion gurus, however, also point that purple dresses are also paired well with black accessories. The best girls can also complement the outfit with a stylish bolero and high waist jacket.

Applying Make Up

A non-make up look will go best with a gorgeous purple outfit. So keep your concealer handy to do away with facial marks, if any. Using a tinted moisturizer, pink cream blush on face and a combination of brown and pink on the cheekbones will make you look radiant. Consider adding a lavender eye shadow on your creases and lids and pearl colour to highlight the area around tear ducts. A deep plum eyeliner and ‘finishing touch’ with mascara work for that special glamour. Keep your lips look plump with a neutral lip gloss.

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