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The Saga Continues: Lohan's Says She's Innocent

by Sheena B (writer), Stafford, July 25, 2007


Lindsay Lohan professes her innocence today after being arrested early Tuesday morning for driving under the influence with a suspended license and drug procession.

Lohan, who recently turned 21, was arrested in Santa Monica and released on bail.

The actress claims that she was being chased by the mother of a former assistant that quit earlier that day. A small amount of cocaine was somehow found in Lohan's pockets during a pre-booking process. Even though Lohan states that the drugs were not her’s and she do not do drugs, why was they in her possession? Maybe they were planted. Who knows.

As Lohan explains that the her former personal assistant's mother was chasing her before engaging in a heated confrontation in a parking lot at 1:30 in the morning, the mother claims that Lohan and her crew was chasing her in the actress's SUV.

This is the second arrest for Lohan after she turned herself in to Beverly Hills police last week for allegations regarding a DUI incident that resulted in an accident on Memorial Day. She was recently released from rehab less than two weeks ago for a six-week stint for alcohol recovery.

After being released from rehab, Lohan was forced to wear an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet to keep tabs on her sobriety, but unfortunately she relapsed and is now receiving medical care at an undisclosed location.

With the recent problems Lohan is facing, it only fitting to ask will this be the end of her career. Although having publicity is good, especially since her new movie "I Know Who Killed Me" is set to premiere in theatres on Friday, having bad publicity is not the way to go to attract movie goers.

There are so many issues with young Hollywood nowadays you can't help but to wonder who will be the next famous star to fall into the well of self-destruction. The actors and actresses who think it's okay to perform random acts of stpuidity on a regluar basis should get a reality check and figure out how to shape their image before they destroy themselves, and the nature of Hollywood, completely.

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