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La Lohan Letdown


I'm probably the only one who feels sorry for the girl, but I do. Let's face it, she's had one messy upbringing, and too much money and success too fast. It's less than two weeks since she has gotten out of rehab, and Lindsay Lohan has a new mugshot all over the news.

Early this morning at approximately 2:15am in Santa Monica, Lindsay Lohan was arrested with a blood alcohol level of around .13, and a stash of cocaine in her jeans pocket. There is still confusion as to what was going on--some reports have stated she was chasing a former assistant; however, the latest report states that she was actually the one being chased.

I've tried to understand why I care. I don't know the girl, never met her and have never been a big fan; however, I can't seem to stop reading about her. I feel like a rubberneck on the highway looking at a car crash. You hope that no one is hurt, but you can't help but look, you can't help but wonder what happened. How can a beautiful talented girl get so messed up?

Lohan is now facing much more than possible time in jail. She still faces charges from a DUI on Memorial Day weekend when she was under-age and now she has been charged with driving with a suspended license, another DUI and illegal possession of a controlled substance. She could face a possible six years in jail. With a scheduled appearance on the tonight show this evening to promote her new movie, it looks like Lohan’s choices are causing havoc on her career whether she get 6 years in jail or not. If Hollywood thinks thinks she's unreliable, Hollywood will stop calling.

When Lindsay Lohan came out of rehab, I wanted it to last. I wanted her to stay clean. She even sported an alcohol bracelet supposedly to show everyone that she wasn't drinking even when she partied. Did she really think she could go out fresh from rehab and jump into the party scene without drinking again?

So what about that monitor? She reportedly was wearing the alcohol-detecting bracelet when she was arrested with a blood alcohol level of .13—why didn’t it set off an alarm? Was that monitor only for show? Apparently the promoter of this great alcohol monitor didn't even know she had been arrested.

Of course, I can’t help but scratch my head in wonder at why she is driving herself around with a suspended license. I thought the same thing when Paris got arrested driving with a suspended license, and now her we go again. I’d rather her be clean and able to drive, but when you have that much money and you drink, can’t you pay for a driver? Of course, when you’re an addict, I guess you aren’t going to think too clearly.

So the question is, can anyone save Lindsay from complete destruction? Will we continue to turn on the news and hear how she is throwing her life away? Could she have finally hit rock bottom and get the help she needs? Or once again will she go for a few weeks in a fluff-celeb rehab only to get out and party again? Can anyone save her from herself or will we continue to watch this crash until no one cares anymore?

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By rjlight on July 25, 2007 at 11:22 am
I've read different reports - she now has the bracelet off--but was wearing it at the time of the arrest. Supposedly her publicist knew she wasn't clean before she was arrested -- the reading showed she wasn't clean--however, why someone didn't get to her before she got behind the wheel I don't know. Now,she is saying the cocaine wasn't hers.
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By rjlight on July 26, 2007 at 05:31 pm
Well, the cocaine was supposedly in her pocket -- she claims she is innocent and can prove it doesn't even fit in her pocket.
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By Annonymous on November 13, 2007 at 08:30 pm
"if the cocaïne doesnt fit you must acquitt" right? what about britney? i thought i heard cocaïne was hers?!
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