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Top Guinness World Records Created by the Firefighters

by katiesmith02 (writer), , October 28, 2014

Fire scares everyone. From elderly folks, kids to animals, no one is safe from the clutches of fire accidents. Then who can save us from this kind of mishap? It’s the firefighter.

Fire scares everyone. From elderly folks, kids to animals, no one is safe from the clutches of fire accidents. Then who can save us from this kind of mishap? It’s the firefighter. A firefighter is a trained professional who knows the techniques to put off fire on time and saves the lives of those hapless people trapped in fire. At times, they have to take up daring activities, even at the cost of their own lives. Few of their feats are recorded in the Guinness World Records. From one year long fire truck tour to the biggest collection of fire helmets, here are few daring firefighting feats that broke all the records. From one year-long fire truck trip to the largest collection of helmets, here are some firefighting feats that broke world records.

Fire engine’s longest journey

The longest distance traveled by fire engine was more than 31,000 miles and it was accomplished by Stephen Moore of the United Kingdom. On 18th July, 2010, Stephen began his journey and returned to the place after almost a year. The date was 10th April 2011. The main objective was to raise fund for three charitable organizations namely The Fire Fighters Charity, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation as well as McMillan Cancer Support. A team of 25 firefighters was formed for this expedition and Moore led it in honor of his father, also a firefighter who expired at age of sixty three.

Worst fire mishap

The fire followed after huge earthquake at San Francisco on 18th April, 1906, brought in a loss of approximately 350 million dollars at that time.

Maximum steps climbed backward on ladder while managing football with feet

Iya Traore from Beijing climbed on ladder from back side and at the same time managed football with his own feet. The total number of steps that he climbed was seventy five. He accomplished this feat on 20th July, 2011. A ladder used by fire brigade was used widely for this purpose.

Longest row of fire hoses

The total row of more than four thousand firefighters using fire hoses was created along the stretch of more than ten miles. It was created on stretch of Germany’s Mosel River on 15th September, 2007. The exclusive fire event was coordinated by Jugendfeuerwehr Rheinland-Pfalz. During the event, the proficient firefighters sprayed hoses for thirty minutes using mar C fire hoses. It was done to raise money for one school in the Rwanda.

Biggest parade of the fire trucks

The Guinness record of creating the biggest parade of more than 300 trucks was created in Oklahoma. A few hundred firefighters from Oklahoma and few more from Texas accomplished this event on 2012 in the month of January.

The maximum vertical distance down the pole of fireman by ten firefighters

The maximum vertical distance of 17,191 feet down fireman’s pole was done by ten firefighters from UK’s Hove Fire Station. This spectacular event was held on 23rd August, 2009.

Biggest collection of helmets used by the fire fighters

Gert Souer from Netherlands flaunted his biggest collection of more than eight hundred helmets used for firefighting events. His huge collection was till 9th February, 2012. He could make this huge collection of helmets while traveling to different places around the world. His father and also grandfathers were all firefighters and Get began his helmet collection from the year 1976. His first collection was a fire helmet of the fire brigade of London.

Maximum collection of patches of firefighters

Bib Brooks’ more than 8,100 patches of official firefighters were considered to be the largest collection of patches. He was a resident of United States and he began his collection since the year 10985.

Largest aircraft for firefighting

A Boeing 747-300 was turned into an aircraft for firefighting. And this modification was done by the famous Evergreen International Aviation Company. This aircraft has a huge capacity of more than 20,000 US gallons, which means over eight times more than that used by P-3A Orion air flight. It is the world’s largest aircraft used for firefighting. It was first used on 2009 in the month of July to fight large fires occurred in Cuenca in Spain.

Firefighters are the real brave-hearts. The feats they achieved to save people from fire accidents need to be appreciated. And the Guinness records they have created only testify their acumen and talent.

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