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Tip for Saving Big on Your Next Glasses Purchase

by guestposting (writer), , October 26, 2014

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Get some money saving tips for your new eyewear.

At this point, there’s no denying that you need new glasses. You were determined to make your current pair last as long as possible, but now that you can feel your eyes straining whenever you attempt to read faraway text, you can’t put off the purchase any longer. While you’re certainly not opposed to the idea of selecting a stylish new pair of specs, you’re not looking forward to shelling out hundreds of dollars just to see properly. Fortunately, correcting your vision no longer has to cost a small fortune. As you’ll find, there are numerous ways cost-conscious glasses-wearers can save a bundle on their next pair of eyewear. So if you’re tired of breaking the bank every time you visit your optometrist, put the following tips into practice.

Consider LASIK Surgery

If you’re tired of purchasing a new pair of glasses every two years, you can correct your vision once and for all by undergoing LASKI surgery. This increasingly popular type of outpatient surgery employs the use of lasers to reshape patients’ corneas. Well over 90% of the patients who undergo LASIK surgery no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses. In addition to being affordable on virtually any budget, LASIK surgery is guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars in future glasses purchases. Furthermore, if you’ve never been fond of wearing glasses or can’t stand the discomfort caused by contacts, corrective surgery is just what the doctor ordered.

Buy Optical Insurance

If your prescription changes on a frequent basis, optical insurance is right up your alley. While you may not be crazy about the idea of adding another monthly bill to your pile, optical insurance will save you a tremendous amount on eye exams, LASIK surgery and eyewear purchases. Additionally, if you ever find yourself in need of eye-drops or contact lenses, comprehensive optical insurance will have you covered in those areas, as well. If you have children who suffer from vision problems and frequently have their eyewear prescriptions updated, a simple optical insurance policy should pay for itself in no time. So the next time one of your kids needs a new pair of specs, you won’t have to worry about making a dent in your savings.

Don’t be Afraid of Reusing Your Old Frames

Unbeknownst to many glasses-wearers, most eyewear retailers allow customers to reuse their old frames when purchasing new lenses. Since designer brand frames are often more expensive than the actual lenses, this stands to save frugal glasses-wearers a substantial sum of money. So if you’ve grown attached to a certain pair of frames, you’ll be able to hang on to them no matter how many times your prescription changes.

It’s no secret that eyewear can be expensive. As any lifelong glasses-wearer can confirm, a reliable pair of specs can cost upwards of $500. However, by utilizing the previously discussed tips, you can effectively take the hassle out of glasses shopping and save yourself a bundle in the process.

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