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Melbourne Food & Wine Festival - Eat, Drink, Enjoy

by writer (writer), , October 22, 2014

Savor the best cuisines, taste some fine wine. Learn cooking some of the best exotic dishes the old way.

Melbourne Festival of Food and Wine, started in the year 1993, is organized in the month of March every year. The purpose of this festival is to showcase Melbourne as the Food capital of Australia, the festival is not-for-profit event and is aimed to promote food and lifestyle in Melbourne. Since, its inception the festival has grown thousand folds and now hosts one of the world's largest lunches serving mouthwatering exquisite delicacies. It also gives chefs and culinary experts to showcase their skills and also to experiment and promote new dishes and cuisines. The festival has been a huge success ever since and has become one of the major tourist attraction and drives a lot of travelers just for this huge festival of food and culinary delight.

Festival 2015

The next festival is scheduled for 27th February to 15th March 2015. It has already started creating buzz and media attention as renowned chef's plans to showcase their dishes and cuisines for the public.

The 17 day program is enriched with mouthwatering food, exotic wines and other delights that will leave your taste buds wanting more. The festival is expected to serve more than 250,000 visitors.

Previous Records

The festival is famous for bringing an aura of celebration across the city. The 2015 edition of the festival will open along the World's Longest Lunch by the Bank of Melbourne on 27 February.

This should not come as a surprise to regular visitors at the festival, as this festival is expected to set such records, like last year this wonderful festival has made a record due to the presentation of a table set of 530m in length by the riverside of River Yarra which was the lengthiest table in the festival's own 22-year history and served a three-course lunch comprising of sweet potatoes, kingfish and sorrel leaves prepared by top three chefs of Victoria which treated around 1504 great diners.

Celebrity Chefs

Every year global celebrities collaborate with leading chefs from Melbourne for a one-of-its-kind experience of dining in the restaurants incorporating their designed creative dishes with the festivity of the city.

All leading chefs and big shots belonging to the culinary domain participate at the festival namely Rend Redzepi, Jamie Oliver, Ferran Adria, Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Anthony Bourdain, Thomas Keller and many more

Langharm Melbourne Master Class

The festival also features a Langham Melbourne Master Class for two days that exhibits some of the finest and interesting culinary and wine making talent in the world.

It is one of the key attractions of the festival. Chefs from all over the world share their experiences and talent.

Regional Food Events

The festival includes many tempting regional food events in the 17 day long program.

All these food events help to promote the ancient culture and culinary techniques which were used way before these times and also bring a breeze of freshness for people dining in the city

Learning Experience for Upcoming Chefs

The festival is known for its gastronomic and wine making knowledge and skills that one can't get anywhere in the world.

Apart from foodies, the festival is also a heaven for upcoming chefs and students as it gives them a platform to know about hidden recipes along with techniques from culinary experts with unique and exquisite cuisines

Wine Tasting and Tours

The festival also brings a big cheer to the great winemakers all around Melbourne and showcases some of the best wines available to man.

A lot of winemakers also offer visitors a learning experience on creating wine, how to pick grapes, how to process and everything involved.

The Festival takes these wine lovers with them to see behind the scenes of winemaking during tours of the vineyards and unique wine tasting sessions and lunches.

Little Foodies Corner

If you thought with all the wine and food, this event is for adults, please know that there are always lots of things for the foodies belonging to all ages and the festival organizes a dedicated Little Foodies Corner.

Kids are taught basic food processing and cookery lessons for free. So brina alona your little ones and let them have some fun while you take a sip of fine wine.

Grab your Australian visa and be a part of the most awaited event.

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