Saturday, September 22, 2018

In the West

You know, the prostitutes have been blooming along West Grand in Oakland.

Today I saw the one who had the beautiful exterior--the first one that I've seen since the latest batch of hungrey, starving "god-damn--I am prostituting my ass" women showed up.

It's always a shame to me when I see a woman offering herself to the masses.And any masses will do.--That's life on West Grand. Or any number of streets around the world.

And we all know what they're doing. And it still ain't legal here in the USA. Except for on the (I)nternet.

I love men. And I know the need to come is pre-programmed by testosterone-amounts(hence women are more horny at the worst times--during their periods).

But seriously--you legislate so legalize!

If you are willing to pay-to-fuck under the table, let's put it on top of the table. Let's bring it out of the "shadows of love" and understand that sex is here to stay--not going anywhere any time soon.

We all know that Women are good--so what if they want a piece of your ass sometimes--you seem to be willing to put out a piece of your ass (and this applies to ALL of the men
in my life--be you straight or knocking on the gay "gate".

Just take a moment right here and now and LOVE the women in your life. If they were "bitches",you have a moment of forgiveness here from me.
I know.

I've had some bitchy women in my life and I get away from them as fast as I possibly can. But all the women who "give" in this life can't be measured; we keep the world on its axis. And you guys rank in the "total asshole" department so
shut the f k up. (Ewwww! I can't say "fuck!")

Let me say "Amen" for women right now.

AND we still love you all. Yes, we do.

Why aren't you on so many street corners? Peddling your ass?

Or on the (I)nternet?

I just want to say here and now that I want you to have all of the sex you want and need in this lifetime.

Why not?

Jeeze. Own it. Enjoy it.
Stop fucking donkeys for a living, (2nd jeeze) jeeze!

And stop paying for it? Why pay for it?

Can we all just have sex and enjoy it without paying for it?

If you are reading this, and you've been around for a few years, you may understand sex.

If you're younger, it may take you a while to grasp.

America is still so hung up on this sex-stuff that we legislate sexuality, even though that legislation comes from the biggest crop (of course, this is pure speculation on my part, (drum-roll-sound here, please) of pornagraphers in the history of (OK--maybe the Greeks & Romans, but we'll never know because the legislation still inhibits full disclosure) sexuality.

(Sorry about all of the ( ()).

Now I just want to say this--I think sex is sacred. Should only be performed by humans that are fully aware of the act.

Of course, in the early years, it's a big, gigantic experiment(hopefully not enacted with or by children or animals).

You have to grown into yourself, and your appetites. And live with them for the rest of your life.

But still, it's great stuff--sex is the embroidery of our lives(you notice I didn't say knitting or quilting here).

And if the demand is there, like it IS, legalize it.

So when I drive by the Ladies on West Grand (and this in not an invitation, but it most likey is for some. Damn.) I can know they are provided for--have health care etc., for their families and loved ones.

That's why they're out there--taking care of others. Really. Most likely that's why.

The women of the world. God(ess too) bless.

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