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Key Rules for Protecting Business Data

by Shaw Denton (writer), New York, October 23, 2014

With cyber crimes on the rise, the existing scenario necessitates that every organization understand the inevitability of formulating business data protection rules.

The fact that digital hackers exist and break into security networks off and on cannot be denied. Just when we feel that it is all hunky-dory over the internet, the hackers rear up their ugly heads again. The cyber crime committed by them compels us to become vigilant yet again.

In the existing scenario, there is a strong need for creating business data protection rules. Adhering to these rules should make us breathe easy and be rest assured that every precautionary step has been taken for online security. However, that cannot be achieved without effort. Here's what an organization that deals in huge chunks of data and performs most of its operations online needs to be mindful of:

(a) Begin with a security audit

To begin with, you must know about data that needs to be kept safe from hackers. Instead of racking your brains, you can instead get your entire IT infrastructure audited from an IT professional. You may realize that apart from your computers, your mobile devices need protection too.

(b) Strong passwords are a must

You create a password and a message on your screen shows that it's a weak one. Don't be skeptical as a computer knows more than you do any day, as far as online security is concerned. Create a strong password, one that is easy for you to remember and cannot be cracked by anyone else despite their concerted efforts. There is no dearth of names and dates in this world. So, creating an alphanumeric password should not be that difficult.

(c) Go for data encryption

Hackers should not have it easy at any point. If they succeed in gaining access to your confidential data and at stealing it, you can face a lot of trouble. However, if the stolen data is encrypted, the data thief will have a pretty hard time in getting the information they are looking for.

(d) Create a data backup

Creating a data backup is in no way less important than encrypting a given amount of data. And the backup must be created in such a way that the data can be easily retrieved when needed.

(e) Have security policies in place

The organizations that are pretty firm about their security policies generally succeed in averting mishaps caused by employee negligence. Prohibiting the use of external devices in office makes a lot of sense. Similarly, there is no harm in installing webcams to keep a vigil on employees, and sensitive data must be protected with the utmost caution.

(f) Have multiple layers of security

If you are extremely concerned about securing your data and network, get multiple layers of security installed at all points, such as servers, network endpoints, mobile devices etc.

Let hackers confront nothing less than a fortress. After all the aforementioned tips are put into practice, there is a huge possibility that those who come to steal your data will be left high and dry despite repeated attempts.

The need for creating business data protection rules has in fact led to the formulation of several other security measures which must be adhered to.

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