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Tips to be an Ace in Deer Hunting

by katiesmith02 (writer), , October 16, 2014

Many bow hunters wait and practice to become an expert in deer hunting. It is their passion. What makes them successful is a set of techniques.

Deer hunting is not just a recreational sport. It is a passion for many bow hunters. They wait eagerly for the deer hunting season. It needs precession, practice, technique and a few equipment. But it often happens that the most proficient hunter fails to achieve the target. To make it perfect, you need to learn a few techniques that will help you to hunt perfectly and kill the biggest buck.

Here are some tips to make your performance better. Take a look.

Prepare Mentally

The most important thing while you are hunting is to prepare yourself mentally. Everything that you will do, depends on it.

  • Have patience. This is the mantra you need to remember throughout your career. And this is the trick that can turn your best moment in bow hunting into worse and the worse into the best. So, take all the time you need on your stand. You need to be patient in seasons too. Every season can't be the best for every bow hunter. Even patience is the only thing that is going to make you an ace with time. Hunters become perfect with time and practice. So, be prepared for a long journey.
  • Hold on to your confidence. Second guessing is the worst enemy of bow hunters. You need to be confident with every decision you make. The moment you start second guessing yourself, your bow hunting is going to suffer.
  • Preparation for Hunting

    While you are preparing for hunting, there are two points you need to concentrate on:

    ·Know the area of hunting

    ·Do not let the deer know what you have in mind

    To know the areamore closely, never ever walk into the area before hunting. The scent that you will leave there is enough to alert the deer about you plans. Rather, choose a place a little away from the area, preferably a hilltop. Have a high-powered binocular. Take a look at the herd of deer from a distance. If possible, take the help of digital scouting cameras and Google map. And if you have no other way, then cruise into a car. Remember, cars spook the deer less than human movement. Make sure you enter and exit the area undetected.

    To stop the deer from knowing what's on your mind, don't leave a trail. Your scent will be easy for them to detect you, the intruder in their territory. Practice scent control, either buy them or use baking soda. But don't let the deer take the hint of your existence near it.

    Tips for Your Old Hands for Bow Hunting

    Even the pro in the field of archery struggles with his bow hunting techniques. The first thing you need to think about is the right equipment for bow hunting.

  • Choose a light weight bow for the hunting season, as you need to shoot it from your stand.
  • Don't forget to pack the backup release while leaving for bow hunting.
  • Make sure your bow clears your stand. If the arrow bumps into some branches of a nearby tree, you are never going to be successful to kill the buck. Same holds true if the limb of the bow touches anything.
  • Don't hold your bow too high for your arms. You need to lower the bull pull weight. It is different and quite easier while practicing. Especially when you are waiting for the deer to step out of the bush so that you can shoot, it can be a little difficult and needs a lot of preparation.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. So, hunt more at every chance you get. The more you hunt, the bigger your target will become. It will give you the perfection you have always craved for.
  • Know your distance from your target. It should be like, the moment you will see the deer, your brain will shout distance. Use laser rangefinder. It will help you to estimate the distance between you and your target. Use the branches as the landmarks where you need to pin.
  • Use razor-sharp broad-heads that will kill efficiently and leave little blood trail.
  • A Few Strategies

    Here are a few strategies that may work for you:

  • Judge the wind. You need to keep a constant track of the direction of the wind. When you are stepping in the ground to hunt, it is not absolute to assume the wind will blow the same way from where it is blowing now. If you find that the wind is changing its direction frequently, then you need to change your stand too. Hang multiple stand for hunting.
  • Monitor your surrounding constantly. Pay attention to every sound, every tiny movement.
  • Be quite and still. Otherwise you will spook the deer away.
  • Use a perfect deer call that is not too loud.
  • Keep your phone and radio on and reachable.
  • So, don't sit back and wait. Gather your gears and set out for bow hunting. Use the tips that you find helpful. You can improvise them by incorporating your own techniques too.

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