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Gas Prices, is Chavez trying to manipulate them?

by manny osborne (writer), , July 22, 2007

With gas prices driving up and down like a rollercoaster, that you never know what to expect when you need to fill up your tank; $3.227 a gallon is the most we had pay in late may.
Looks like prices are driving down, is what we saw, of the last seven trading days, prices have fallen in six, oil at $75.73 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchage if there is no problems or concerns on production is going to help drive prices down, of course those news make us happy but for Hugo Chavez (Venezuela's president) those are really bad news early last week he predicted that the price per barrel is going to go as high as $100.00 dollars and he is trying to drive prices up, attacks to PEMEX oleoducts in the Mexicans states of Guanajuato, Queretaro and the last on july 17 in Sonora by the EPR (Popular Revolutionary Army) we can believe was one of Chavez tactics.
The EPR a terrorist armed group could have links with Chavez and is to believe that is the armed wing of the leftist party PRD (Democratic Revolutionary Party) which Chavez financed in the last Mexican President elections.
Chavez needs oil prices to go up, to keep financing leftists partys and groups all over the world and principally in Latin America, Chavez is in talks with Moscow to buy 5 Russian submarines 636, no prices discussed, to protect themselves, is whar he said, from the United States, Venezuela bought 53 helicopters and 24 Sukhoi airplanes plus 100,000 Kalashnikov from Russia expending an estimated of 3,000 millions of dollars.
Washington not only have refused to sale parts to the old F-16s, but when Chavez tried to buy airplanes from Brazil and Spain Washington pressured the two governments to stop the transaction.

Chavez's Oil Reserves

Venezuela 313,000 millions of barrels, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhudai, Iran and Qatar have 676,000 millions of barrels, so we are going to see Chavez for a long period of time trying and manipulating oil prices and hurting our pockets.

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