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Safeguards of Humanity and the Honor of a People

by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, July 22, 2007


The controversial concerns of weather blacks should receive reparations for their sojourn here in America as slaves seems to hit home hard as so many people feel a sense of inhospitality toward the idea and sometimes hostility towards the messenger, as blacks and many other individuals call for such measures to be meet by the government.
I am most unfettered to have to say this but the idea of reparations are not an entirely new concept, as Jews have been repaired and are still being given reparations for their holocaust in Germany,

The U.S. has a history of paying reparations. They paid the Indians in the form of land, money, free taxes etc. In 1991, the U.S. paid $20,000 to each Japanese Americans that were put into interment camps in WWII. The United States and the allied nations paid more than $14 billion in reparations to rebuild the economies of the defeated German and Japanese people. Governments around the world are giving people who have been oppressed by that Governmental system, reparations and or apologies (they never labeled these offerings of apologies or the payments of reconciliations as handouts).

The Jews are getting reparations from any and everybody who had a hand in their "holocaust". They are getting reparations from the German government the Swiss banks and even from German corporations that may have used Jews and others as free labor. The Jews are also claiming that they have been "restoring" to the land of Israel.

Historical proof of sanctioned reparations is such that it never required public debate or approval in order to be issued by the government or solicited by the victims. Therefore why do some people feel it necessary to object or disagree should one call for black reparations when they have never done so during all these other applications for such reparations in the past? There was no great concern or controversy about Jews or anyone else asking and receiving reparations, so why is it so threatening if blacks (who have gone under and endured the worst form of slavery in the history of the world) ask for it today?

Blacks, out of all people on the face of the earth, are owed reparations for their centuries of free labor, which helped make the United States the richest and most powerful nation on earth. They have also suffered sever psychological damage, from centuries of harsh treatment and harsh lies. Although it is not subscribed here in ink I do realize that other forms of racism and slavery exist in the past as well as now, but that doesn’t negate the consignment for reparations or the application for such a request under international law and the laws which safeguards humanity.

Some would have you believe that it is a notable incidental circumstance, that slavery and racism is in the past and blacks should not get hung up on the past? While others who have their own agenda may disagree with the notion of reparations, saying handing out money to the descendants of black slaves is folly. This will not end racism. Perhaps reparations will not end racism, all the same it will bring about new respect for the people who have been debased among the family of nations and other races. Perhaps it will be a start toward annihilating racism, yet racism is a symptom of a larger problem in our society and you can be certain that without reparations racism will not end, because as much as its worth and as hard as it is to except, the honor of a people has not been restored.

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