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Sunshine - A Limited Release

by localhost8080 (writer), , July 22, 2007


Manning the spaceship Icarus II, 8 crew members had to jump start a dying sun with a payload the size of Manhattan. The mission was simple, the crew well cast, and the opening sequence stunning in it's simplicity. With Sunshine's surefire tag line, “If the sun dies, so do we.”, the Armageddon/Deep Impact story base quickly veered off course to disaster. Why though, with typical sci-fi fanfare of a talking mainframe named Icarus and top heavy space suits, apparently gold plated straight from the Deep Star Six archives, was I left so empty?

It wasn't for lack of trying by the more than competent ensemble cast, including Cillian Murphy and Michelle Yeoh. All performances were well up to par. Even relative unknown Benedict Wong gave a convincingly fervent performance. Likewise, the human torch, Chris Evans, was able to bring some fire to this eventual burnout. Still playing a hero, he turned in his Cellular humor for an unwavering soldier while still bringing an emotional touch to this light speed expedition. The problem inevitably lied with the stock plot line of continual disasters while being strangely side tracked towards a simple thriller.

Doomed from the Kinko printout of a lackluster screenplay, only the inconsistent duo of Alex Garland and Danny Boyle can be blamed for this films shortcomings. Creating a film that was as much unoriginal as it was uninspiring. Somewhere between Alex Garland's printer and the hands of Danny Boyle the pages seemed to be entwined with the scripts of Event Horizon and Armageddon.

Stuck with an unsuspected thriller an hour into the film I only wished Danny Boyle had remember to bring his Canon XL2 from 28 Days Later. As my headache grew from tension induced shaky camera work and the post production blur of delusion, I would have loved the sweet relief of grainy digital cinematography.

However, stuck with systematic story twists and with less than impressive character character development this movie still had it's moments when left to its own devices. Visuals were commendable even with its $50 million dollar budget. The two hours of solar imagery was enough to put the Griffith Observatory to shame. But even the occasional flash of light from a solar flair couldn't overpower the amazing musical score. Tired of the John Williams orchestral masterpieces it was refreshing to hear the updated music of Underworld. As a continual background to the solar wash on the screen, I was even able to forgive the cliche trailer music from Requiem for a Dream.

In the end, while worth the big screen experience I won't be drudging through the predictable plot on DVD.

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