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by riginal (writer), moe australia, October 02, 2014

Butterflies flying round can be on the nose. If you're a bit picky butt.


Prof. Leave It, here. As a leading advocate trained in house trained rats and a former breeder of one winged butterflies more as a hobby than a business, i would like to share with you some of my findings.

Immediately, you think in Scorn, (you can think next to the village of Scorn if you's warmer) what sort of nonsense is this? You may have deigned to stop reading altogether at the imputation of a one winged butterfly, preferring to pick your nose.

Let me state, quite emphatically, breeding one winged butterflies is not cruel. The reason is this. One winged butterflies because of their unbalanced weight disposition, fly round in circles due to that very fact. They love it. Some people trim the wings of their birds to prevent them from flying away. That is cruel.

Okay, i hear your next complaint. You have stopped reading some lines aforehand and with the help of four family hands you are picking your nose. You want to know if i have a tissue. No i don't, so stop picking on me and you. I'm not getting up your nose. Hard to when four family hands take up your Nostril space. Not a space to be sneezed at but then how can you sneeze? There's an old saying,"people who live with four hand nose assistance IE: piggy extraction primates, should not throw or blow noses." Another old saying, which has stood the test of time is,"once pickin' twice shy!" It's certainly your nose, what you do with it and indeed even if it be forehand or even five hands is your business.

After all, nose de nostrilation has been a recognized sporting event handed down, (by four hands) since the ancient Geeks; bereft of something to blur their nerdy glasses, blew their upturned tunnels by force, to enable them to appear more attractive to snotty nosed women who think the ancient Geek bar which they sit at is their oyster...when it fact like this poblog it's just plain simple "snot so" to quote a puddle. Snot that i'm going to disturb this ancient act. But the next time you sit on a chair with an ancient Geek Mythologist visibly check and ask where his fingers have been. Watch out for sudden ancient flicks, you may get hit with one or alternatively, not. I'm sure you'll agree seeing you haven't read thus far, that piggy flicking is indeed not "finger licking good" but a dangerous hit or Myth "dirty finger dancing" traditional turn off much in the same mould as ancient Geek tribal robes that stick to the colon, or as some say, "the temple of doom." Hence the ancient ass scratching which is indeed another cheeky turn off. However i must leave the 'fingers of fat/fate'? there. They're your fingers. You may want to scratch what i've just said.

One winged butterflies. They can't fly away, they just flutter round in circles, somewhat like fingers, but let's stick to the point.

Point being that i just so happen to have an optional option to actually give away as a 'paid fee' free extra with every one winged butterfly of which i am overstocked of because the darn things just fly round my room in circles. I know i know, i did say at the start it was a hobby...i lied. It's a business. The option i am sticking on every butterfly i sell today, IS a 'stick on' wing which will enable your fly B to not only have the opportune to fly 360 degrees, with the wing added, will enable the flutterer to fly, basically out the front door in a straight carefree line.

Now, don't go way and i know you're going to say, "why don't you just breed two winged butts." That's the whole point people! You all have two winged butts! With my one winged butt you can rock up down the pub, four fingers up your nose, and tell all and sundry who care, "come have a look at my single butt with the option i have in my Geek bag of add another butt side!" Thus, you can sit on the bar stool, butt around in circles, or, have the option to fly straight out the swinging door and up the street with a trendy fully balanced butt! AHHH! But i hear you say, "is there a catch before we zip round?" Round zip or catch, i can't supply and fit for obvious reasons...but if the demand is there i may be able to rustle a 'designer type' dual pair. Doyouall see what i'm getting at? Butterflys calm the mind.

Oh! i hear you think, "your single butt must have a catch price wise and indeed what would it cost for example to ship to zip to America?" Haven't yews been listening? With a double butt option, you don't need ship to shore forshore for sure delivery. You just pick your butts up and take off. I'll meet you halfway in Madrid or another city on the East Coast of the U.S.A.. The price?

Wait for it! No money yet butt. I know yews like a freebie. Just a gold coin donation...several...hundred of them. I know, i know, you're going to say RATS! That's what i wanted to tell you about in the first place but with all the butts flying round the place i clean forgot and started mentally chewing on something else. Please, before i go, don't pick your noses or scratch your's so Geek. Have a great day. The first ten people to ring me will receive a wing and a pray in a plane envelope...with a selfish addressed stamp affixed. Just tell the pilot where you want your single or twin optional butt dropped off. After all, flying round in circles can be very boring don't you think? :>)

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