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Is Fixed Physical Cabling Better For Business?

by ThomasStocks (writer), , September 17, 2014

When it comes to making business decisions, it can be difficult to make the right one and making the wrong one can have a negative effect on your business.

The short answer to the above question is “it depends entirely on the nature of your business” - if you have just a few people working in the company, always based at the same desks, and few visitors, then there is no immediate advantage. But in many other cases, wireless networks come up trumps.

Fixed physical cabling does tend to be slightly faster than wifi, but the difference is not that great. The important thing to remember with wireless networks though is the flexibility they allow for.

If you have a large business, with staff frequently moving around, either to hotdesk or to attend meetings, then giving them the ability to connect wirelessly wherever they are in the building is a massive advantage. No need to check there are enough connections in the boardroom if all computers are invisibly connected to one router. It makes presentations easier - if someone has forgotten a document they can access it instantly, and they can use all the systems they would use sitting at their desks.

Also bear in mind that if your business regularly sees visitors. Clients or suppliers perhaps, then Wi-Fi has now become something of an expectation. People expect to be able to connect in meeting-rooms, in reception or canteens. I

t’s easy to expand wireless networks too, compared to physical cabling, and don’t forget that users can connect over multiple devices with no problem, vital in the age of working on smartphones and tablets.

The other aspect of wireless that is important to keep in mind is that by having them connect through a private network, your staff can work from anywhere. So if someone needs to be home for the day, or is travelling between locations, or is on holiday (!) then they can still keep in touch with important emails, edit documents or video call. The beauty of wireless is that it makes business far more efficient.

The strength and scope of Wi-Fi will no doubt continue to expand, and the price of it fall. For most businesses then it is worthwhile looking into. While we won’t see the end of fixed cabling for some time, the alternatives are rapidly starting to look better.

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