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Pigeon scare tactics with decoys

by Djdecoys (writer), , September 17, 2014

Pigeons are apart of the natural landscape for many city and rural areas, however, for many they are a pest and need expert control techniques to prevent over breeding and numbers escalating.

Pigeons known as its uncommon latin name Columbidae are adorable but they are pest birds and this means that are capable of causing extensive damage to mechanical structures, facades, and buildings. They can also pose be a health risk.This is because they can spread about 60 diseases through their droppings alone. The good news is that there is an effective way to deal with pigeons.

Birds such as pigeons, enjoy flocking together hence why they have been a choice for humans to keep them in large numbers for racing. When in rural settings, they perch on mid ground in patterns which if you are a hunter or shooter, pigeon decoying patterns play a pinnacle role in setting up a pattern for you to aim at. As birds and other species recognise their specie features, using another decoying predator bird to prevent pigeons from perching and congregating around your premises means your decoys will scare these birds away from your property. Property owners no longer have to rely on shotguns or poisons to get rid of the birds. The decoys are effective at deterring pigeons from invading your property. They are also more humane because you do not kill the birds.

Hawk decoys are the most popular deterrents for pigeons. They work because they represent, the red-tail hawk, one of the predators that pigeons despise. The red-tail hawk is renowned for being a skilled hunter. It has sharp talons and very finely tuned eyesight, allowing it to spot and capture prey within a short time. This hawk species is capable of diving for prey at about 70 miles per hour. Pest birds such as pigeons will not come close a decoy that looks like this predator.

The pigeons can recognise this hawk’s outline from a distance. The red-tail hawk can be found in various settings including urban areas. It adapts quickly to its environment and it can be found at various heights. This hawk species can be found perched on lofty structures and utility poles. Pigeons have to be on the lookout for this predator wherever they are.

When you purchase red-tail hawk decoys to scare the pigeons that are destroying your property, you have to ensure they are properly positioned to allow you to enjoy the benefits. Proper positioning is essential because pigeons are on the lookout for the predators outline when they look in the sky. The position will determine if the decoy will form a shadow on the ground.

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