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Yohan Lee In ‘Hello’ by Royal Jacks!

by CelebrityGossip (writer), , September 13, 2014

South Korean actor Yohan Lee stars in the new music video for the hit song "Hello" by the Royal Jacks.

Yohan Lee stars in the upcoming music video for the hit song “Hello” by the upbeat alternative rock band Royal Jacks, which will be released later this year. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Yohan Lee moved to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, several years ago.

An adept young actor whose good looks, versatility and emotional range have landed him roles in a wide array of projects, Lee has managed to create an impressive repertoire of work, which includes renowned film and theater productions, as well as music videos.

Having realized his desire, and talent for acting in his youth, Lee honed his skills early on and has since established himself as a successful actor who is known for his work in the films A Phone Call, Runaway Dream, Road to Utah, Comfort Girls, and many more.

The concept of the music video for “Hello” focuses on the way in which today’s younger generations are desperately trying to feel connected with one another through means of social media, cell phones and other technological advancements, but in reality these tools are only pushing us farther and farther apart.

Lee’s character in the video starts out in in the living room of a random house party where he moseys around taking photos and videos of his so-called ‘friends.’ Incorporating a dynamic use of cinematography through various camera angles and post-production visual effects, viewers see Lee writing messages on the videos and photos which he then sends to his ‘friends’ around the world. Using time-lapse photography the video shows Lee engaging with the band and others party-goers through the use of his camera, however when it comes to actual verbal communication, there is none.

“Hello” was directed by Jennifer Nicole Stang, the multi-award winning director and producer who was also responsible for the band’s last video “Brakes”. Ms. Stang has directed a long list of music videos and films including the video for the song El Duelo by El Javi Trio, which received four awards, as well as the films La Gitana, Englishman in LA, The Devil’s Snare and El Lago. The music video was produced by Heart Anchor Productions, an award-winning Los Angeles production company that is known for their music videos, web series and films.

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