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Bill Clinton at UCLA tomorrow morning

by Ariel (editor), Venice, CA, October 13, 2006


Bill Clinton will be speaking at UCLA tomorrow October 13th at 9:15am. He will be talking about Proposition 87.

On September 21st, during his 2006 Clinton Global Initiative conference, Bill Clinton lauded Proposition 87 and presented it as key step in breaking the United States' addiction to oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"CGI was designed to tackle big global challenges in bite size pieces," President Clinton said. "This is a very, very good thing to do and, since California is our biggest state, it pumps 190 million tons of pollution into the air from cars, trucks and buses that run on gasoline and diesel every single year. This is a big deal. I'™m very grateful to them."

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By CDriK on October 13, 2006 at 11:16 am
Proposition 87 is a tax on oil extraction isn't it ? It would be better if US signed up Kyoto agreements, like other civilised countries.
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