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Glass Splashbacks are a ktichen investment worthwhile

by Colour4you (writer), , September 13, 2014

Glass splashbacks are now the modern way of incorporating colour into a kitchen without full redesigning a kitchen. John Wood gives an overview of why glass splashbacks are becoming a trend

Glass splashbacks are a feature commonly found in the kitchens and bathrooms of the United Kingdom. A solid sheet of glass is affixed to the rear wall of a kitchen worktop or bathroom counter, to provide a stylish finish and protect the surface against damage from splashing water or other materials. Normally these are made to order, but popular high street retailers also sell glass splashbacks in a variety of predetermined sizes. Your choice will depend on your budget and the scale of your project.

Many of us consider glass splashbacks to provide a more attractive finish than kitchen or bathroom tiles. Designs include intricate patterns for a touch of class or grandeur, but most feature a smooth and shiny surface. The glass will reflect light well, promoting good lighting if your kitchen or bathroom isn’t normally the brightest of places. For a more dramatic effect, you could even install LED Lighting above the glass splashbacks. These will help you to see what you’re doing, while also giving the room a pleasant glow.

A clear glass splashback will reflect light well and protect your walls from any stains or splashes, but there are a number of colours and designs which you could choose for your new kitchen or bathroom. Different coloured glass splashbacks will produce a variety of moods inside the room, and printed designs can give you a kitchen or bathroom which is truly unique. Common designs include panoramic views of cityscapes or the countryside, artistic photographs, or striking coloured patterns.

Similarly to tiles, glass splashbacks can be fitted across an entire wall, or immediately surrounding any areas which are more prone to mess. For a more interesting finish, thinner strips can line the back of the worktop while a larger section provides the backdrop for your sink or cooker. On top of this, you could cut out sections for a surface which is flush against plug sockets or cabinets, or install match glass shelving.

It goes without saying that glass splashbacks may not suit every style of interior design. There are thousands of differently designed tiles available for sale online and from high street retailers, many of which will provide an attractive finish. However, with the mess which can easily accumulate in our kitchens or bathrooms, you will also need to consider how well the surface will clean.

The smooth surface of glass splashbacks can be wiped clean easily, for the easy removal of water marks or stains from cooking. All you need is a soft cloth and warm soapy water, and your glass splashback will be returned to its original condition. Furthermore, the use of tiles could lead to the growth of bacteria or mould, and the grouting will need to be scrubbed regularly if it is to remain bright and clean. This can amount to a lot of effort over the lifetime or your kitchen or bathroom, so you could really benefit from the extra convenience of glass splashbacks.

Have you installed glass splashbacks in your home’s kitchen or bathroom? Do you prefer a set of tiles or a bright glass finish?


John Wood of Colour4you glass splashbacks company has been fitting glass splashbacks for both residential and commercial businesses. With over 50 projects under his belt, he is keen to show the economic value splashbacks can add to property.

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