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What To Think Of When Deciding On A Data Centre Provider

by ThomasStocks (writer), , September 11, 2014

Choosing a data centre provider doesn't sound like a difficult decision, but as is the same with every business decision, it should be one that is given some thought.

Each data centre and its provider is completely different from one another so you will need to ask a number of questions in order to understand fully what it is you are investing in and whether it will impact the performance of your business.

Whether your business is looking to improve its customer experience or wants a more reliable uptime, knowing what to look for is crucial and will help you to make a better business decision. In the UK, there are not too many data centre providers but cherry-picking the best is a task in itself.

We have looked at the 3 main questions you should ask when choosing the best data centre provider for your business. These are:

1.Will the data centre provider provide a number of capabilities?

As well as providing the data centre itself, some companies will also offer other services alongside this which include things like managed hosting services, network solutions and even, cloud based services. If you look for a company that provides the whole package this can often work in your favour in the future once your company grows.

2.Where is the data centre located?

If the data centre is located close to your business it can have a lower latency and can lower the chance of data replication problems too. Having it close-by can be a benefit to your employees too, so think about the location of the data centre too when choosing which provider to go with.

3.How compliant and secure are the provider?

The physical security of the data centre is important too and is equally as important as the online security of it. The compliancy and security of the company should be something they make a big deal about and can give you piece of mind that it is patrolled and checked regularly.

When making the decision of which data centre provider to invest in, you will need to consider these questions and ensure they tick all of the right boxes.

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