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NBC pitts cougars against kittens in new realty show

by freestrike (writer), Houston, July 19, 2007


Just about every year NBC comes up with a new twist to the dating realty show genre. This year it's Age Of Love where Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis must choose between women of two distinct groups. In the first episode he is introduced to seven girls in their 40's which comes as quite a shock to Philippousis who is only 30 and has never dated a woman older than him. After eliminating the first woman Mark is surprised again when six gorgeous women in their 20's are thrown in to the mix. For the next three episodes Mark must eliminate one girl from each group.

This week he reached the point where he only had to eliminate one girl from either group and to the shock of the twenty year olds he chose one of them. At the beginning of the episode their group consisted of Mary, Megan and Amanda while the older group had Jen, Jayanna, and Maria. The front runner at the moment appears to be Amanda who may be one of the five hottest girls on the planet although she doesn't seem to know it. She has been completely in love with Mark for several weeks now and while he obviously has feelings for her it's quite apparent he has yet to make up his mind on who he will choose.

In the past two weeks Jen, who at 48 is the oldest of the entire lot, has started to give Amanda a serious run for her money. Despite being 18 years older then Mark she has an amazingly sexy body that most 25 year olds would kill their own mothers for and according to Mark is an unbelievable kisser. Jayanna seems to be under the mistaken belief that she is leading the pack. There does seem to be a connection between her a Mark but I think that it will definitely come down to Amanda and Jen. I believe Mark will ultimately choose Amanda though, which is what I would do but it would not be easy turning down Jen.

The one girl who makes this show very interesting would have to be Maria, 42. Unlike most dating contestants that are completely submissive Maria is confident, stubborn and demands respect. She actually reminds me of me. I have not watched a lot of these shows. I watched the first Joe Millionaire, the Love or Money's and some of the Bachelor season that featured Tristan and Ryan but this is the first one I've ever seen where one of the contestants has managed to put the chooser on the spot at elimination. For the second time in the season Maria threatened to quit the competition this past week because of the lack of attention she was getting from Mark and for the second time Mark had to practically beg her to stay. In the end Maria stayed and Mary who spent 90% of each episode crying like a baby was finally put out of her misery. She did not go quietly however. Mary did her best to make Mark look like a fool before retreating to the group of remaining girls and bawling her eyes out one last time as she said goodbye. In her final interview she stated that she reacted the way she did because she did not want to look like a fool on national TV.

I have no idea who Mark will say goodbye to next week but the previews promise an “astonishing elimination.” Whoever doesn't get chosen by Mark will undoubtedly receive numerous marriage proposals after the show has ended except for probably Mary. If you've missed any of the first five episodes you can watch them online here .

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