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Understanding Depression

by Barbara MacDonald (writer), CANADA , August 28, 2014

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Derpession is something that does not just go deal with it.
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RIP Robin Williams....may your soul rest in peace now. Please open your heart and mind to people who are suffering with this condition.

Major clinical depression is one of the most common mental disorders. In spite of this, many do not understand what it means to have clinical depression. Tragically to this day, this condition is often times judged wrongly and misunderstood. In the process of this happening, many suffer without understanding or the proper steps to help them with this.

While suffering from depression people are fearful, robbed in life before they even begin. Depression is not something to be ignored or made light of. It is a serious condition which if let untreated will move to an even more damaging level. Depression is often color coded for this reason, to reflect the severity of a particular case. Depression can effect someone at any age or in any walk of life.

We need to understand that true clinical depression is actually a medical condition in which the brain chemistry changes and it is not just a matter of "sadness". This is why it is dangerous to leave this untreated because it will then progress to a more serious level, becoming more difficult to treat.

Let me tell you about a dear friend of mine from years ago. She had been through many hard times in her life and was in the process of rebuilding her life and giving her all to everyone...unfortunately NOT HERSELF...In all reality, she had lived through so many kinds of abuse and finally had the courage to leave that behind and start over. As will often happen in life, her five children had been affected by what she and they had lived. With all she had on her plate she sank into a profound depression. At this point she was closing her self off from everyone. (a major sign of depression, isolating). Many of her friends, including myself, were telling her to seek help with this. She was unwilling, saying that she could handle it on her own. When she finally did seek treatment, it had become so serious that anti-depressive medication could no longer help her. She had to be admitted and go through a course of shock treatment to get her out of the depression. Very sad to see, as she lost so many of the memories of her life from the treatment. Not just sad, but not necessary, if she had addressed this in the earlier stages of her depression. I pray my telling you this will make you understand the importance of dealing with depressions as opposed to telling someone to "pull up their socks" and get on with life.

This latest loss of Robin Williams has once again broke my heart . Someone who was so profoundly gifted was not able to get the help he needed and it resulted in him taking his own life.

About 11% of men and 16% of women in Canada will experience major depression in the course of their lives. Depression can limit your quality of life, affect relationships, lead to lost time from work or school and contribute to other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Sometimes it leads to suicide. Fortunately, for most people, depression can be treated effectively.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression can affect the way you think and behave and can have physical effects as well. Some of the signs you should be aware of are:

  • Feelings of despair and hopelessness
  • Detachment from life and the people around you
  • Always feeling tired or having no energy
  • Crying for no apparent reason
  • Not being able to concentrate or make decisions
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • A loss of appetite or a change in sleep patterns
  • Headaches or stomach upsets that occur frequently.

Depression is an illness that can be treated. The first step in the recovery process is to recognize that it is an illness, not a sign of personal weakness. Learning that you are not alone, that help is available, is often the start of recovery for many people with depression.

Each individual is unique, requiring a different approach to recovery. The most common and successful treatment is psychological counseling, combined with anti-depressant medication.

Support from family, friends, co-workers and self-help groups can also make a big difference in how well and how quickly the person with depression recovers.

Please take the time to watch this video I am posting. Hopefully it will bring more understanding to this common condition and maybe even save someone's life as a result of this knowledge.

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By Shane Joseph on August 28, 2014 at 09:04 pm

Barbara - thanks for this article. Depression has stolen many dear ones from my life and has also allowed me to reach depths with other afflicted souls that I couldn't reach with "normal "people " - it is a curse and a gift, a true double edged sword

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By riginal on August 29, 2014 at 12:43 am

had an argument with a wealthy restaurants owner guy here in town,passing through, who threw his arms up in the air when i named a politician with manic depression himself, who closed a huge portion of mental health services down,then substituted a phone 'ring in' replacement for the people now in the gutter,under bridges etc and how wrong it was. The rich guy looks at me and his new Russian import bride,throws his hands in the air and says"there will always be this problem there's NOTHING you can do about it" And that about sums up our government's attitude as well. It's more than terrible.

It's terribly disgusting mentally perverse for the parents to try and cope with a member that suffers. Destroyed my family, my friends. My life, because it doesn't matter what you do, say, or how much money you throw at the problem if the sufferer continues in a beserk manner non medicatiing uncontollable state due to chemical imbalance and let run amok everyone gets dragged down to the lowest common denominator...abject disppair from all quarters. Sometimes you dread mentioning the chaos to a stranger because more often than not their tale is worse. And people who throw their hands in the air and spout "nothing can be done." You've been there and done that Barb, i won't say 'nice post' for you have lifted the scab on a festering situation which appears in this world of 'inventive' so called progressive future to be harking back to the dark ages as far as help for those who so desperately cry out for it. To see one's daughter sitting atop a bridge, cutting her wrists, her mother distraught being abused,the screaming yelling, police intervention, then they let my daughter out one hour later when she presents 'normal' is like something out of a nightmare...never ending. The last time i saw my daughter she screamed at me "you f....cking c....nt you made me like this!" Missus says she still loves me and always will but knowing your child hates you so much because of something mental you can't fix and dying one day with that hate hanging over you and seeing your wife mentally disintergrating along with her breaks your heart and people ask me why i write comedy...i have to.

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By Barbara MacDonald on August 29, 2014 at 06:54 pm

Thank you Shane for the comment and visit my friend. I understand, as I too have known far too many people over the years having depression and often suffering in silence. Many times people who are creative suffer with this... my theory is that they feel too deeply, and do not know how to handle being overwhelmed by it.. I told a friend recently, while talking about Robin Williams that maybe many comedians use this to stop their own tears from drowning them in sorrow... they laugh through their tears. In many ways to me it seems to be is a means of survival. This is me analyzing life again...sigh.

What is normal anyways....I may find that boring....thank you again Shane.

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By Barbara MacDonald on August 29, 2014 at 07:01 pm

Riginal I am speechless at times trying to find the words to express how to bring some comfort to you. I do know and understand my friend. Very often life just is not fair, and good people get catch in the cross-fire. I continue to pray for your family and you....I hate that I do not have the answers to fix this.

Canada too has many problems with the system when it comes to mental health issues. Far too many people are not given the help they need in a timely fashion. By the time they get past the waiting list, well, they no longer are motivated to even try. I could go on and on...but may be what I need to do is write a post on this and get some of my venting out. hugs....Thank you my friend.

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By Barbara MacDonald on August 30, 2014 at 12:46 pm


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By Uttam Gill on September 04, 2014 at 10:35 pm

Barb, understanding the subject with very strong reasons makes you to write on a subject so convincingly. Indeed in the given scenario in all over the world depression is a major cause of concern...Many have taken their lives... (That includes my young sister).There can be many reasons and we all are susceptible to it...I know my brother officer (Army Officer)...very lively he was..Always laughing...smiling and cracking night while at dining table he shot himself over an argument with his wife...Whatever it may..Was that an impulsive action but certainly to me such people simmer and very prone to suicidal tendencies… Barb, keep writing

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