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Go SOCIAL with Ankit Fadia’s latest Book Launched in Kolkata

by Swarit Chatterjee (writer), , August 27, 2014

Ankit Fadia launches ‘SOCIAL: 50 Ways to Improve Your Professional Life’ Published by Penguin India

India’s first renowned ethical hacker, Ankit Fadia arrived in the City of Joy for his book launch at Eastern India’s new and biggest book store STORY. In his latest book ‘SOCIAL; 50 Ways to Improve Your Professional Life’, which is 16th so far Ankit Fadia , TV Show Host, Consultant to Companies and Governments and celebrated author expands his expertise beyond computers and digital devices and tells about methods and tricks that can put one on path from being an employee to a personal brand.

SOCIAL is a very interesting read where the author gives away simple technology tips, Internet apps and social advice on how one can enhance their professional life. Within a week of its launch announcement the book has already reached the #1 ranking on Amazon India (Internet and web Category).

The timing of the book launch coincides with the decision of the Government of India to create 100 smart cities across India and provide Internet connectivity to remote rural areas. This will attract more companies and investments, enable high speed internet access to boost education sector and thereby generate employment opportunities and overall increase productive and efficiency,

However, concerns are already being raised on many fronts – security, cybercrimes, spoofing/spamming, cyber trolls, net banking frauds, fake identification or identity theft to name a few. This gets more complicated with emergence of open WiFi zones at offices, Free Wi-Fi Cities, malls, coffee shops and even traffic signals, where hacking is rampant. Access to e-governance programmes in such zones, especially through smart phones, makes Indians gullible to fifth dimension of warfare – from cyberspace.

Anecdotal data evidence shows in just four months of this year 6700 Indian sites were attacked and over 50 Lakh computers hijacked by botnet armies – which might just be tip of iceberg. Majority of critical computer controlled systems like power stations and grids, dams, oil and gas pipelines, steel plants are all vulnerable to cyber Attacks. Over 900 crores have been lost in Nigerian scams alone.

According to the Government of India, there will be a demand of 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals by 2015 for protection of IT infrastructure within country and serve export markets. Unfortunately, there are very few colleges in India that offer any courses on Cyber Security. Ankit Fadia was one of the first in the country to offer an Ethical Hacking Certification course called Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker (AFCEH) course which has trained 20,000+ people in the last 7 years. SOCIAL offers practical solutions derived from these fast changing internet landscape.

Addressing the launch at Kolkata, Ankit Fadia said, “SOCIAL: 50 Ways to Improve Your Professional Life, shows people how to leverage Technology, Internet and Mobile apps to improve their performance. In this age of interconnected devices, always on Internet connections and social platforms, SOCIAL contains useful tips, apps, tools and social advice that are must have for every professional and entrepreneur. Tips also include making an elevator pitch, getting more out of conferences, explaining complicated data clearly, obtaining more followers on social media and other invaluable advice.”

Kolkata for Ankit has special memories. His attachment to the city of Kolkata began since his early professional life and from time to time he keeps coming back to this place.

It was only at the tender age of 14 that Ankit wrote his first book. A Stanford University graduate, his previous book FASTER: 100 ways to improve your digital life was also a #1 bestseller on Amazon India. The 29-year-old tech junkie who has hosted popular shows like MTV What the Hack and Geek on the Loose for PING Networks, is a regular consultant with various governments, trains police departments across India on Cyber Crime issues. He has delivered more than 1000 talks in 25+ countries, trained over 20,000 professionals in Ethical Hacking and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper.


Story is a book store sprawling across a wide area of 15,000 sq feet at Elgin Road. Along with a diverse and generous range of books collection, STORY has various other sections like Café, Greetings, Art Street, Child’s Play, Bags & Packs, Pen & Ink, Paper Shop & Stationary, Music, etc.

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The Primarc started their journey in 1973 by investing in Lifestyle Retail, Apparel and Textiles. Under the leadership of Chairman, Mr Nand Kishore Pansari, the group achieved a dominant position in the retail & realty sector in Eastern India. Primarc Owns and operates 35 Raymond stores across East India with the flagship Raymond shop at Poddar Court, Kolkata consistently being the highest selling store in India for 16 years.

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