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Jeanty at Jack's in SF is A Magnificent Dining Experience


Jeanty at Jack’s is an amazing restaurant, offering everything you could possibly want from a dining experience -- great food in a memorable place.

The building alone is worth visiting. But, once you taste one of Jeanty at Jack’s incredible creations, you’ll know why you’re there.

Phillipe Jeanty, one of America’s finest chefs, has created a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere featuring classic French bistro cuisine that is expertly prepared and magnificently presented.

Located in a three-story building that was constructed in 1864, Jeanty at Jack’s has 14-foot high ceilings, lace curtains and a brass-railed spiraling staircase.

Signature dishes include an appetizer called Petit Sale, consisting of cured pork belly with a foie gras ragout; Jeanty’s famous Coqauvin, with chicken, mushrooms, bacon and red wine; Kobe beef ribs and an exquisitely tender Cote de Porc pork chop. Service is executed to perfection with a wait staff that is experienced and attentive.

Jeanty at Jack’s provides an ideal setting for first dates, anniversaries and other affairs of the heart.

Here is what Phillipe Jeanty said about his vision for Jeanty and Jack’s. This was written before he even began the actual construction of the restaurant:

“When I first entered Jack's in the "heart" of old San Francisco, I felt transported back home as if I had entered a Parisian Maison Bourgeoise as, in Paris, many of these old buildings have been transformed into neighborhood brasseries. Combined with the history of Jack's, built in 1864, I immediately fell in love with the building and decided to be part of its history and to bring Jack's back to San Francisco.”

“My vision for the exterior of the building is to give it the welcoming brasserie ambiance with red colored wood paneling, lace curtains and brass lighting. As you enter the building, you immediately feel the history of the building. When you look up to the 14-foot high ceiling, you notice the sculpted relief on the ceiling and walls. The black and white checkered tile floor leads you towards the bar and the mezzanine located above. At the base of the spiraling staircase is a ten-foot tall bronze statue, which was originally in the lobby of an old Parisian hotel.”

“As you go up the brass-railed staircase to the second floor where the three private dining rooms are located, you step back into time to the era of the Parisian Maison Bourgeoise with its hand-painted folding doors and warm, homey feeling. At the top of the third floor staircase you see an authentic "Sidewalk Ice Cream Cart." You then enter a rooftop Parisian atrium with hand-painted vines on the walls and a greenhouse glass ceiling spanning the entire room.”

“The food at Jeanty at Jack's will be true to a Parisian brasserie, platters of shellfish, beet and mache salad, home-smoked trout and potato salad, steamed mussels with fries, sole meuniere, grilled ribeye steak with bearnaise, cassoulet with duck confit, flavorful cheeses and, to finish, tart tatin "a la mode," profiteroles, crepe suzettes and creme brulee - to name a few. I think the original French owners of Jack's from 1864 would be very proud!!!”

Well, the man has exceeded even his own goals with this restaurant. I give Jeanty at Jack’s the highest rating I can. It’s a must-visit for anyone who loves food even remotely.

JEANTY AT JACK’S is located at 615 Sacramento Street in San Francisco. Call them for reservations at: (415) 693-0941. Hours: (Mon-Fri) 11:30 am-10:30 pm; (Sat-Sun) 5:00 pm-10:30 pm

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