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Why Private Schools are Better than Public Schools?

Often this debate comes up for discussion that which school is better-The one owned and managed by government aka public school or private school?

There are several points of views shared by different people with knowledge and expertise about education industry. However, the inclination is towards public schools in India. Why? Well, there are various factors, which are considered as basis of discussion and the results clarified that public schools are better as compare to private school.

Teacher student ratio:

In renowned private schools like Rishi School teacher student ratio is really balanced. There is one teacher available on every 10-20 students, which ensures more attention of the teacher towards the student, leading to better education and advanced interaction.

Once teacher and student relationship is built in healthy way, it automatically becomes easy for the kids to share their doubts, problems, desires, dreams, talents and more with their teacher coordinators.

This system opted by private schools is generally not seen in public schools, which leads to reduced teacher student interaction and reduced harmony in the classrooms of public schools.

Attention of student development programs:

There are several student development programs announced by state and center government for public schools. But, it is generally noticed that none of these programs is adequately implemented in the schools. Reasons might be many behind this, but ultimately the loss bearers are the kids. Their growth stops in the middle and they cannot take benefits of innovatively planned growth schemes.

On the other hand, private schools like Rishi school which comes in top 10 schools in gurgaon is not only participate in development of new programs on rigorous basis, but implement them too with equal level of energy.

Approvals from higher authorities for creative programs:

One of the most disturbing things about structure of private sector schools is that students don’t get to enjoy immediate benefits of any planning done. Creative programs or innovative steps designed by the management and teachers of the school need to wait for a long time to get approval for the same. This slows down the process and reduces the overall enthusiasm level.

Whereas public schools are always eager to bring new ideas on the board, so that kids can get instant access to interesting learning and better ways of studying. This motivates the students to stay associated with their education system and grow with furious speed to achieve desired career goals.

On the whole, attention being paid towards student development and advancement of a child’s overall personality is higher. Private schools like Rishi school which is best school in gurgaon follow a system, under which it is clearly understood and respected by the management, higher authorities and staff of the school that a child’s best growth takes place during his/her education tenure with a school. Hence, apart from academic, extracurricular activities are also given equal importance.

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By polly71 on October 13, 2015 at 01:18 pm

Frankly speaking, I would like my children study in public schools as they have more advantages in my opinion. Firstly, they are cheaper and for some families this issue is really important. Moreover, children there learn to be independent as they get not very much attention. Maybe because of the lack of attention most of graduates from public schools apply to online helping services that can <a href="">create admission essay paper</a> and provide applicants with effective papers.

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