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Always look on the right side. RIGINAL>

by riginal (writer), moe australia, August 18, 2014

Always there's someone worser than yousir and youmadam. This is a's like that.

'Always' RIGINAL.

You've all heard the expression."Stop feeling sorry for yourself there's always someone worse off than you."

'Always' sat slumped. Had to. "Just a rotund mismatch of horror experimental disease apparent human offal" The callous experimental nurse said. Wasn't,or didn't seem to be, male or female, hideous. End result of a human mutation, aborted attempt to correct a gene defect which produced the half- legged one ghastly- eyed slop trying to emulate something living...with scant chance. 'Always,' they called the ugly two foot high circus freak his sobbing frantic mother had given birth to. A recreation of 'the fly' wasn't a comparison. The fly had at least a human identifiable beginning- to tragic end. The saving and only grace the misshapen child had was its ability to speak.

And it did. As the aghast surgeons gripped the struggling new born jell it let out a shriek, "leave me alone,please! you're hurting me. I deserve to live as an example, i can help others bear their pain,i am worthy of life,leave me be,you are not God,if you were you wouldn't have meddled!" an ugly tear came from Alway's head, or somewhere where its other eye should have been.

They stood aghast, amazed. Experiments on the genius child began. Ended the night its mother fled the compound with her little outwardly ugly spluttering scientific aberration. Between gasps from her grip it thanked its mother for her compassion and understanding.

She shushed it. The tracker dogs in the distant had the scent, the guards disgruntled and swearing as the they pushed into the surrounding remote forest, pissed at having to search for the misfit they reasoned would die anyway. But it didn't. Told its mother which way to go, the curses and the hubbub faded. The mother stopped. Pushed a piece of breast milk soaked bread into its tiny mouth. "Thank you mother," it chewed silently. Mouth sucking more than chewing, but it was grateful. "We must go mother."

The belligerent crowd massed at the circus tent crudely erected on the sawdust pavilion-they gasped, the child with the deformed face pushed roughly aside, losing her grip on her mother's hand in the process. She grabbed fearfully for her mother. Her mother scolded the crowd. Derision drowned her protest.The mike scratched out a sharp rebuke from its worn crinkled speaker system. "Don't push...don't push my friends, the creature can't slither away, it can't claim even to be a creature my friends." Laughter. "Come in, come in, come child..." The old man crackling into the mike pointed to the young ticket seller. "Come come...see what God with the help of man has regurgitated and spewed forth." The crowd formed an untidy line, the spruiker spitting and coughing. Hung the frayed cord of the rusted mike on the worn inept crude drawing of Always.

His mother turned on the spotlight. Afraid for him. "Why must you do this my son?" He spoke quietly. "Do not fear mother, do not be afraid,it's human nature at its worst but we eat tonight and God understands." The crowded stood silent as the jell rolled slightly sideways in the light, incredulous laughter and revulsion intermingled with acidic comment- it rolled on its back with its stubs in the air. "You gawd awful son of misbegotten birth..." barked a fat sweat grilled panting woman near the stage. She reached out to touch the freak, her hand was pushed away by the ticket seller."Do not touch madam, you may converse." A petulant child spat at the freak. More laughter. The boy spoke sharply. Stood erect. "missed Miss...child's spit kiss, ahhh! you did hit me Miss and now i with spit list!" He rolled, did a back flip. Started to recite. "Ohh what a tangled umbilical cord we weave...when scientists interfere with God's grace to conceive." His mother as always started to tear up.

The juvenile spitter collapsed in the pockmarked sawdust in a mocking retaliatory copycat rolling motion on her knees to mock his stubs. "You are so so ugly my cat wouldn't eat you jelly ugly belly and so so smelly!"

Fatty roared laughing. "You have a bad heart madam? You should see a quack before you crack." She gripped her heart. "How did you know that you ugly piece of crap?" "Madam i can read ugly minds, you will die if you don't diet on the "why eat?"

She blushed, several tittered. "When then great jelly soothsayer shall i die?" "Bout now my jolly jelly jolly fish." She gripped her heart and screamed. Writhed on the floor, died. A cold air embraced her, brushed over the crowd. A woman fainted. "It's evil EVIL! shouted the spitting girl, she fled the tent, instigating a stampede for the door. Shrieks, the tent was empty except for the facially deformed child and her mother.

Fat dead lady, feinted fainted lady, spitting child, fan cooling spirit operator crouched,counting the takings. The fat lady pointed at the face crippled child. "Get out,shows over." The embarrassed mother apologized, grabbed her daughter. She turned at the calming voice in the dim light.

"Wait...come here child. What do you want?" The child stepped forward shyly. "i'm ugly like you." My mother said she would take me to see someone,something, uglier than me." She kicked the sawdust with a hesitant foot, "the sign says you are the ugliest most awful creature in the world, the very worst, are you?" "The creature gave a semblance of a grin midst the jell ripple infraction caused by the effort. Sighed." That i guess i am child in most people's eyes." "Why...why do you call yourself Always?" He murmured softly.

"Well young lass my mother said the day she gave birth to me, "Always someone worse off and that is the cross i carry. You carry yourself with dignity child. Look your detractors in the face and face their scorn and wrath even with a twisted smile. Tell them in no uncertain terms to come see the ugliest, animal, person, place, or thing, on this earth of no re noun."

She embraced the jell, felt his warmth and love through her. Tears fell on his face or at least where a face should have been.He grimaced in mock shudder. Flinched imperceptibly when she stuttered into where his chest could have been. "You're handsome,the...the most handsomest boy in my whole wide world."

Some years passed, they have to. The bright young girl with the modified grin and the tear washed slight scar stood beside the grave marked, 'ugliest Always.' She held his mother's hand. HER mother stood apart awkwardly sobbing. Placed a wreath on his grave with a card saying,"the most handsomest boy in the world...only matched by his innermost beauty.'

THE END? NOT REALLY. MAYBE GOD'S MEANS TO AN END? The boy without a mean bone or at least minimal bones, of mean in his embrace of a little child's fear of rejection by people who sometimes can't see their own ugliness reflecting within their mind's eye. Have a great day. There's an old saying,"if looks could kill." Looks CAN'T kill. At least not Always. :>) .

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